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High-quality data management software helps users to check the situation of data leakage and leakage in time. Fast and efficient real-time recording allows users to see the data more intuitively. Professional, high-quality, convenient and efficient mobile software. Security information analysis is of very high quality. Interested users come to Qiuzhi.com to download and experience it!

Introducing GlassWire
Is a real-time monitoring of your mobile data usage, data limits and WiFi mobile firewall software, it can see which of your applications are wasting your traffic, or behaving suspiciously, or slowing down your network speed, or letting you exceed Your carrier traffic limit. GlassWire makes everything easier to keep an eye on your traffic and wireless network activity, and fully protect your Internet security! GlassWire graphically displays network traffic, and can perform firewall control for each networked program, with new network connections immediately Notice. The interface is intuitive and more suitable for ordinary users. GlassWire Firewall Mobile Edition can detect the network connection of all programs on the mobile phone, help you find the users who consume large amounts of data, and comprehensively protect your Internet security. It is an essential tool for mobile phone security.

Software function introduction
1. Control whether each application can access 2G/3G/4G mobile data network and wifi network

2. You can only block background access and release foreground access

3. Statistically sort the mobile network and wifi network traffic of each application

4. In-depth analysis of the websites visited by the application

5. Automatically identify applications with network connection permissions

6, can be configured to start automatically

7. Provide a convenient way to turn off mobile data network and wifi

8. Capture network packets and users themselves conduct in-depth analysis

9. Some models support root-free management

Software Features Introduction
1. View a live real-time graph of what apps are currently using your mobile carrier data or Wi-Fi Internet connection.

2. Know instantly every time a new app hits the web and starts using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

3. Go back in time to see which apps used mobile data over the course of a week or month. View past Wi-Fi or mobile device usage by day or month.

4. Go to GlassWire's Data Plans screen to set up zero-rate apps whose data usage doesn't count toward your data plan.

5. View GlassWire's speedometer on the notification bar for a quick view of real-time data usage.

6. Help protect your privacy and reveal suspicious app activity with GlassWire's real-time graphs.

7. Block applications from connecting to the network, or allow or deny new connections, until they start with GlassWire's Mobile Firewall.

8. Protect your privacy: Our company was founded to help people protect their privacy and security. We make money by selling apps, not by selling your data to third parties. With GlassWire, your data and app usage information never leaves your phone.

9. Instantly block misbehaving apps with GlassWire's advanced firewall

connect. GlassWire can block both app WiFi connections and/or mobile connections!

10. Supported Mobile Networks and Providers: GlassWire works well with many different mobile data providers and telecoms around the world including Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodaphone and ATT. It is also compatible with 3G, 4G, Edge, GPRS, Wi-Fi and most other popular telecom networks. GlassWire can also give you internet usage alerts if your cable, DSL or satellite ISP has a data cap.

Software Features Introduction
1. Standalone Android package

2. Repackaged Android app bundle (Split APKs Packer v4.9.2):

Languages: Multiple (full set)

DPI: hdpi, ldpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi

CPU: none

3. Unlocked advanced features

4. Compatible with AOSP

GlassWire Chinese cracked version v3.0.345 update (2020-05-18)

1. Fixed the bug of roaming data.

2. Added the ability to add data to an alert's transition plan.

3. Make Help more user-friendly.

4. Find a bug? Go to our bottom right menu and select "Send Feedback".


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