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animation workshop

animation workshop

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  • Version: 1.0.19
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DreamWorks, your site, you call the shots. Convenient and fast publicity experience, free combination of independent lenses, a large number of exquisite templates, and a large number of exquisite flat materials, users can rest assured that it is so slow and simple to use, easy to handle, and the synthesis time can be adjusted arbitrarily. Interested users come to Qiuzhi.com to download and experience it!

Animation Workshop Introduction
It is a special animation production software for users. The software is suitable for use in many industries, whether it is used for advertising or making various interesting animations by yourself. This software has a lot of animation editing and finishing functions, and All operation steps have teaching instructions, even users who have not operated before can learn quickly, allowing you to make your own animations at any time. Using this software, you can see many of the latest animation production functions, and it can also help you quickly edit and organize each animation point; the software provides rich animations such as product promotion, event promotion, dynamic posters, holiday blessings, etc. Templates, users only need to select the appropriate template to create beautiful animations by changing lenses, pictures, and text; just select the relevant content information according to the prompts to easily complete the production of various animation videos, and add more at will Wonderful text content, more templates will be updated for users from time to time, the software is very simple to use, and more animation works are waiting for you to enjoy.

Software Features Introduction
1. Change the text

Feel free to change the text so you can say whatever you want

Change the required text, improve the text content, and make the animation smoother

2. Replace the picture

Rich material library to add color to your text

Support changing background, material picture

3. Lens combination

Tens of thousands of independent shots can be combined at will, and the video duration can be adjusted at will

Massive lenses, flat style, bring people a new visual experience

4. Change the music

Support uploading personal music, play your music

System music and personal music can be selected at will

5. One-click synthesis

One-click video synthesis, convenient and fast

Support system AI synthesis, more intelligent

Software function introduction
1. Boutique recommendation: It includes various types of popular template information and click to view it.

2. Dynamic posters: A series of material templates related to poster production are gathered. Click to learn.

3. Holiday Blessings: It mainly includes a large number of templates that can be used for various solar terms.

4. Template classification: Subdividing different categories of template content helps to easily find and use online

5. Unified display: Click on the animation files that have been successfully produced through the platform to watch the content at any time

6. Animation management: Select the specified animation name to operate the video file online through the management function

Software Highlights Introduction
1. Massive and exquisite animation templates

Provide users with ultra-high-definition video resources, so that the picture is more detailed and clear, and the viewing process is more vivid, vivid and eye-catching

2. The synthesis time can be adjusted arbitrarily

The duration of a single independent shot is 2 seconds to 10 seconds. Independent shots can be screened according to copywriting and length to avoid mismatches between templates and copywriting lengths

3. Massive and exquisite animation templates

Detailed template layout, a large number of material templates, users only need to select the template to replace the content, saving production time and reducing production difficulty

4. Free combination of independent lenses

The main features of the product, exclusive development functions, provide tens of thousands of sets of independent lens materials, all independent lenses can modify the graphic information at will, effectively avoiding repetition

5. A large number of exquisite flat materials

Adopting a flat style, hundreds of thousands of picture materials have a unified style, you can change the lens material at will, and multiple independent lenses can be effectively matched before and after

6. Convenient and fast publicity experience

Shareable and downloadable 1080P high-definition animation video, convenient for dissemination and promotion, and can be used for offline multimedia device playback

How to use the software
1. Click the icon to go directly to the home page

2. Click on the specified template name on the home page to view the details

3. Click the category option to view the specific template category

4. View specific information by selecting the specified template category

5. Click the template name to quickly enter the interface to view the detailed introduction

Animation Workshop v1.0.19 update log (2020-5-13)

1. Added intelligent synthesis

2. Change the lens, freely combine the lens

3. Optimize text and subtitle changes


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