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The latest version of mt manager

The latest version of mt manager

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  • platform: [Android]
  • Version: 1.0
  • type: system safety
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  • time: 2020-08-20 20:05:38


The latest version of mt manager is a file processing software. Users can use this software to organize the memory space of their mobile phones. They can also find many used file management functions here, so that you can better manage your mobile phones. Interested users can come to Qiuzhi.com to download it!

Introduction to the latest version of mt manager
The mt manager occupies a small amount of memory, runs very smoothly, and is very simple to use. It can freely switch between multiple file formats, and also supports file copying, moving, batch deletion, etc. It also brings a very stable search function, making You can find the desired folder more easily.

The latest version of mt manager features
1. Media files

MT Manager supports code highlighting text editor, image browsing, music playback, script execution and rare file decompression.

2. Android Backup

DEX file compilation, bytecode modification, character constant pool modification, translation mode, APK file signature, software coexistence, APK alignment optimization.

3. zipper packaging

Perfect ZIP Support: You can search, add, extract, delete, rename, view picture preview directly using independent development of independent compression technology.

4. Fundamentally

File copy, move, delete, batch rename, create soft link, mount partition in read/write/read-only mode, modify file permissions, owner, user group, file search.

Features of the latest version of mt manager
1. Powerful search function, file name and file content, size search.

2. Continue to use the dual-window mode of the Java platform to facilitate the operation of the Nine Palaces menu.

3. Stack copy, move, delete, rename, create symlink, change permissions.

4. Display APK icon, thumbnail, supported preview memory, thumbnail in compressed format.

5. Built-in text editor, image browser, music layer, font preview, script executor.

6. Perfect zip file function, you can directly add, rename, delete files in ZIP without secondary compression.

7. Root operations: mount disks in read-write/read-only mode, modify file permissions and user groups, search system restricted directories.

Highlights of the latest version of mt manager
1. Search files

Quickly find the file you're looking for.

2. File Properties

It is easy for users to know the status of files: size, permissions, paths.

3. Bookmark function

To facilitate the next step, the user must record the page.

4. Zipper surgery

Since the installation package of the Android software APK is actually a zip compressed file, if the file of the installation package is zip compressed, the file of the installation package must be changed.


  • The latest version of mt manager
  • The latest version of mt manager
  • The latest version of mt manager