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breeno voice assistant for android

breeno voice assistant for android

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  • platform: [Android]
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  • type: system safety
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-09-25 13:32:10


The breeno voice assistant app integrates perception, learning and decision-making into a powerful, comprehensive and extremely powerful mobile intelligent management service platform, which can help users control their mobile phones anytime, anywhere! Interested friends quickly download it! !

Introduction of Breeno Voice Assistant App
The Breeno voice assistant application is an intelligent housekeeper for processing and natural semantic interaction, it combines a large number of application scenarios, intelligent perception system and natural semantic interaction. It can listen, speak, see and think.

The Breeno voice assistant app makes life easier for users. True to its name "Smart Assistant", it will provide users with a full range of butler services such as clothing, food, housing, transportation and entertainment. It's not hard to see that tools like the Breeno smart assistant have become an essential feature of smartphones.

Breeno voice assistant app features:
1. Breeno voice assistant app Breeno has fully opened the function of "calling small ice cubes". Breno's voice "calls the little ice cube", you can enter the Microsoft little ice cube mode, and easily complete the switch.

2. Microsoft Xiaoice is based on the Microsoft Affective Computing Framework, which focuses on emotionally intelligent interactions and personalized creativity skills. According to Microsoft's Dual AI strategy, Microsoft's Dual Ice single brand covers 450 million third-party smart devices, and despite the dramatic expansion of interaction scenarios, the average number of CPS conversations between Microsoft's Dual Ice brand and users is still 23 rounds.

Breeno voice assistant app highlights
The breeno voice assistant app can actively analyze the consumer's operation intention, execution, and provide useful information to make life more intelligent.

It can also notify trains, flights and other information in advance if you use it frequently to book train tickets.

For example, if you use it to buy a train ticket, just say "I want to take the train to XX" and the rest is left. It will automatically check the train information from A to B and book the ticket. It also reminds you to hurry before the train leaves, predicts weather or traffic conditions, and recommends a taxi or subway. When you arrive at your destination, if you need a break, it will automatically check the hotel information and help you book your hotel.


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