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The latest version of QQ bomber Android

The latest version of QQ bomber Android

  • size: 9.92MB
  • platform: [Android]
  • Version: 1.3.2
  • type: system safety
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-08-05 09:20:44


QQ news bomber is an automatic curse artifact. There are always a lot of strange people on the Internet, who start scolding if you don’t want to speculate. How can you go back at this time? With the QQ message bomber, enter the words you want to say, and the software will automatically send a large number of QQ messages, and it cannot be blocked. Friends of the whole person can download it through Qiuzhi.com!

Software introduction
QQ bomber is an artifact for QQ sending messages and swiping the screen. Its biggest function is message bombing. It can keep sending messages to QQ groups or individuals. You can use this software to customize the content of the information to be sent, and then click send. The operation is very simple. After clicking send, the software will automatically send a large series of information to the other party. You can edit a large series of information, and click the random send system to send your edited information in a random cycle. With this software, you no longer have to worry about your typing speed than others. You can also use it to send mass messages, and you can also use it to promote ads. But the editor here recommends that you use it appropriately, usually just use it for fun and prank, don't use it too much. ps: For entertainment use only, this site is not responsible for any losses caused by improper use!

Powerful open source {the first in the whole network} QQ bomber

The strongest function [ignore the blacklist] I will blow you away

There is also the function of "one key to exit the discussion group"

Feature Highlights
It is very powerful for chatting assistance and spoofing friends. After the software is opened, you need to click the open button first.

After that, the auxiliary function settings will pop up to open the QQ automatic deduction permission, and then enter the QQ number you want to bomb, and start bombing.

Instructions for use
Fill in the delay after filling in what you want to send, then click the start button

Shortcut key: F10 send/F12 stop

1. Download the mobile phone QQ message bombing software

2. Enter content, times, delay time and other functions in turn

3. Click the "Start Sending" button

update content
1. The program optimizes the tedious interface, fixes some bugs, and cancels the time limit.

2. The perfect green version can be used directly after downloading and compressing;

3. The program optimizes the cumbersome interface;

4. Fixed some bugs and canceled the time limit;


  • The latest version of QQ bomber Android
  • The latest version of QQ bomber Android
  • The latest version of QQ bomber Android