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Internet Explorer 9.0 latest version

Internet Explorer 9.0 latest version

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  • time: 2020-12-16 13:42:59


The latest version of IE browser 9.0 is a brand-new mobile browser equipment, which allows you to better search for the latest information you like, meet all your search requirements, and better feel the powerful experience of the search software. Also updated the latest version, interested users must not miss it.

IE browser 9.0 latest version software features
1. The software supports the latest HTML5, CSS3, SVG and Don L2&L3. Using these techniques, you can alert the network without writing different code for each browser, greatly reducing development time and difficulty.

The software offers more developer tools than any other browser, including a Java Description Language analysis tool, a CSS editor and a new network analyzer. These tools meet development and debugging needs and are fully integrated with IE9.

3. The software provides a variety of advanced technologies, including D2D real-time graphics architecture and graphics and color decoders, to realize the interaction of hard disk video and multimedia. With ground power graphics hardware acceleration, you can build better platforms, improve image quality and smoothness, and provide users with an unprecedented visual and auditory experience.

4. Using the latest Windows Application Programming Interface (API), developers will use the Java Description Language to elevate the user experience to a new level.

IE browser 9.0 latest version software highlights

With Explorer 9 (Explorer 9), you can experience a variety of high-speed Internet browsers. Designed to take full advantage of PC hardware through Windows, Explorer 9 focuses on a rich graphics experience that is as fast and responsive as native applications installed on the PC

The software is dedicated to providing a clean appearance and a wide display area for your favorite websites. This makes the site even more exciting. The integration with Windows 7 is intuitive and tight, and web applications can be pinned directly to the taskbar with a single click. reliable

Software is a safe and secure way to browse the web with strong security, privacy and reliability technologies built in to ensure secure Internet access and a seamless browsing experience.


The latest web standards support built for HTML5 and ground power means that in Windows and Internet Explorer 9, the same markup not only works on the web, but is faster and more feature-rich.

IE browser 9.0 latest version software advantages

1. Clean up your online status.

Whether the browser will surf the Internet during system operation (automatically read pictures, animations, texts and other temporary files and webpage files, store cookies, the default save path of C: Documents and SettingsAdministratorLocal Settings \ Temporary Internet Files For security reasons, you should Regularly clean up Internet tracking: Open the "Internet Properties" dialog box, click the "Delete" button in the "Browsing History" tab of the "General" tab, and select the temporary files, history, cookies, form data and passwords that need to be cleaned up in [ Click the [Settings] button in the browsing history], you can enter the number to set according to your personal preference [pages are stored in the history of the day], you can also change the default save path in the temporary file location, select the "Move Folder" command button , and set disk C outside the path, then set the size of the temporary folder according to the amount of hard disk space.

2. Security level settings.

On the Internet, you can set the "Security" tab of the Properties dialog box in Trusted Sites and Restricted Sites, click "Custom Level", you can set the relevant security level, such as for ActiveX controls and Plugins, Java], Scripts, Downloads, User Authentication security options such as Enable, Disable or Prompt optional settings.

3. Privacy Settings.

In the properties dialog of the "Privacy" TAB of the Internet, you can set the privacy settings of cookies through sliders. , [Accept all cookies l6 one level (the default level of [input]). Some pop-ups take up network bandwidth and slow down browsing. In the "Privacy" tab, you can set a pop-up blocker, set to allow access to sites and pop-ups Window stop level.

4. Content moderation and auto-completion.

In the Content tab of the Internet Properties dialog box, you can enable the Content Inspector to rank common sites. You can also set up autocomplete, which can be set within the scope of autocomplete: [address bar], [form], [username and password on form]. You can also remove passwords and associated permissions left by autocomplete.

5. Disable redundant plugins.

Select the toolbar [Manage Add-ons] to view installed add-ons. If you confirm that the plugin is no longer needed, click it to select the Disable option. If some of these tools are not needed, you can choose to disable or delete them. Select Search Providers on the left side of the Manage Add-ons window to remove search engines you don't want to use.

Software Reviews
The above is the latest introduction of this software that Xiaobian brings to you. Users who need it must not miss this treasure software. Come and download it to experience it.

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  • Internet Explorer 9.0 latest version
  • Internet Explorer 9.0 latest version
  • Internet Explorer 9.0 latest version
  • Internet Explorer 9.0 latest version