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telegram Android apk

telegram Android apk

  • size: 57.7 M
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 8.8.5
  • type: Social chat
  • language: English
  • time: 2022-08-01 20:10:11


telegram Android apk

telegram apk is an instant messaging app that, like other similar apps like Viber, WhatsApp and Line, provides you an easy and easy way to communicate with all your contacts. The main difference between them is that Telegram also offers you greater security and privacy.

Telegram's security options allow you to create private chats with other users, which means your conversations with them are fully encrypted and not saved or stored on Telegram's servers. You can also activate the "self-destruct" feature so that your messages are deleted every X times.

Apart from these private features, Telegram basically offers the same services as any other instant messaging system: group chats, file sharing, personalized notifications, etc.

Telegram is an instant messenger that shares many similarities with GBWhatsApp - including its appearance. Still, the extra privacy it offers is very appealing to many. Don't want to save conversations with certain contacts? Set them to self-destruct after ten seconds and you're done!

common problem

How do I change the language on Telegram?

To change the language on Telegram, go to Menu > Settings > Language.

How do I hide my phone number on Telegram?
To hide your phone number on Telegram, go to Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security > Phone Number. There, you can choose who can see your number.

How to schedule messages on Telegram?
To schedule a message on Telegram, open the conversation you want to message, type and long press the send button. In the menu that appears, tap Schedule Message, then select Schedule a time.

How to add stickers on Telegram?
To add stickers on Telegram, go to Menu > Settings > Stickers & Emojis. There, tap Show more stickers and search for what you're looking for.


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  • telegram Android apk
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