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Whatsapp plus APK Android 2022

Whatsapp plus APK Android 2022

  • size: 49.24 MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 9.30
  • type: Social chat
  • language: English
  • time: 2022-07-30 17:36:51


Whatsapp plus APK Android 2022

WhatsApp plus introduction

It is the best modification application on Android devices and has more amazing functions than the original messenger application. In this application, you can hide the blue scale, online status and the ability to download stories. You can also choose or customize your own theme from thousands of amazing themes in a variety of colors.

Here are more features of the latest WhatsApp plus application/

WhatsApp plus APK features

Anti injunction

Hide online status, blue hook and Avatar

Also hide the writing scale and the second scale

Hide the last seen option for each contact

It can also hide the viewing status of contacts

Hide recording status from groups and contacts after recording voice

There are HD video and audio calls

It can install different themes

Send large files, such as audio or video

Increase video limit of status

You can change the initiator Icon

With quick sharing function

If there are new updates released, please get notification

Required operating system: Android 4.0.3

What are the benefits of WhatsApp plus APK

1. Instant messaging and chat applications. You can exchange SMS, video and audio calls smoothly, and share video, audio, images, PDF, MS Word and Excel files

2. Retain most of the UI and functions of the original WhatsApp

3. Change and improve the version by adding some exciting additional functions

4. There is no difficulty in running the modified application and the official application on the same device at the same time

5. Hide your blue tick to hide the last time you saw and online status from your friends. In addition, you can hide your profile pictures. Therefore, no one will see your real personal data.

6. Be able to download stories

7. Free customization. No charge

8. There are more themes, fonts and wallpapers than WhatsApp, that is, now it provides more than 700 themes for use. You can customize various colors, fonts and themes of the official WhatsApp

Anti injunction option to protect applications from injunctions

9. WhatsApp plus mod APK supports 4 accounts at a time. Therefore, you can open different accounts for different purposes, such as business, personal or secret communications

Is WhatsApp plus safe

Many people do think it is unsafe to use it. Because it is a modified version, the developer of this application can switch code and steal your personal data. But the latest version of WhatsApp plus is completely safe for everyone. Even your personal information will be secure.

This messenger application does not have any malware that threatens your device. It is updated weekly to keep the application clean, fresh and smooth. In addition, this module application is established and operated in accordance with all international legal procedures. Therefore, this application is a 100% legal and secure social networking site.

WhatsApp plus APK download can be downloaded from above. So don't hesitate and doubt to use it.

Is the WhatsApp plus IOS version available

The updated version of WhatsApp plus is only applicable to Android users. Currently, it has no IOS version. Many websites mistakenly mention that it has IOS version. That is invalid news or information. So don't focus on untrue information.

What if it is sealed

This latest version is completely anti ban, which means that you will not be banned by the WhatsApp team. Unfortunately, if you are forbidden for any reason, please refer to the following guidelines.

Open your message and write in the send options support@whatsapp.com Mail.

Write down your question about entering the message box and send it.

What are the new features of this latest version

Fixed all errors.

The anti injunction function system has been improved.

New features for emoticons, setting designs, launcher icons, notification icons, and change logs.

Newly added translations of Hindi, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, etc.


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  • Whatsapp plus APK Android 2022
  • Whatsapp plus APK Android 2022
  • Whatsapp plus APK Android 2022