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Food Pie for Android

Food Pie for Android

  • size: 11.7MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: v3.1.0
  • type: programming
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-12-15 01:21:05


Introduction of Food Pie for Android

Food Pie for Android This is an app designed to see food. It can always choose food, see detailed nutritional data such as various food calories, match food nutrition information competitions, or collect various food items and create its own exclusive food library.

Food Pie Android Software Instructions

Food Pie for Android is a popular health app among young men and women. Due to the public emphasis on health, people are more concerned about their diets. Food Pie is a mobile app more suitable for weight loss partners and fitness.

Features of Food Pie for Android

1. Provide one-stop service, such as food nutrition query, healthy diet recommendation, food information, weight loss recipes and fitness, calorie calculation, etc.

2. Includes reliable and valid data for 300,000 food items and foreign foods and meals, and continues to make data updates!


Highlights of Food Pie for Android

1. The food pie Android version provides users with good and high-quality services, and the food pie Android version allows every user to obtain the best and most comfortable experience in the software.

2. Help users inquire about a lot of food information.


Food Pie Android Software Update

1. Fixed bugs and optimized some interactive experience

2. Optimize the stability of the program and make it more smooth

3. Adjusted some page layouts to make the interface more clean and beautiful

4. New modules


  • Food Pie for Android
  • Food Pie for Android