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Exam Collection app

Exam Collection app

  • size: 25.99MB
  • platform: 安卓
  • Version: v8.1.0
  • type: Educational
  • language: 简体中文
  • time: 2019-07-31 15:07:22


The Exam Collection app is a video course tutoring software for medical professional titles. You come for the exam, I am born for the exam! Intium Education Exam Collection has focused on medical exam training and teaching services for 15 years, making medical exams easier! Download and experience now!

Software introduction
The mobile version of the examination book is a mobile examination software, covering medicine, health, construction engineering, accounting, economics, finance and other series of practice and professional title examinations. It has been among the best for eleven consecutive years.

Some subjects of the medical senior professional title series have fully launched the special training version for customs clearance. After years of discussion and research by experts, the experience of millions of candidates has been collected, and the special training test questions before the examination have been selected. The China Digital Publishing Expo won the Outstanding Unit Award.

The examination book covers senior medical titles, attending physicians, licensed physicians, licensed pharmacists, health qualifications, resident physicians, nurses, veterinarians, first- and second-tier constructors, accounting qualifications, banking qualifications, engineers, equipment supervisors, cost engineers, urban Examinations for planners, price appraisers, certified public accountants, accounting titles, economists, financial planners, teacher qualifications, psychological consultants, human resource managers, logistics engineers, Shenzhen staff, civil servants, judicial, graduate students, etc.

Software Features
1. Contains massive question banks such as chapter exercises, mock exam questions, pre-exam sprints, and real questions over the years

2. Experts comprehensively analyze and answer questions, and a new mock exam room

3. Automatically record wrong questions and collect questions at any time

4. New search function, extract test questions at any time

5. Exam guide and dynamics, get the latest information

6. The note function is convenient for adding records

7. The three terminals of computer version, mobile version and web version can be switched at will, and the data is perfectly synchronized in real time!

Software Features
1. Excellent courses: The authoritative experts of medical examination will teach the whole process through video. According to the latest examination syllabus, they will give detailed, in-depth and systematic explanations chapter by chapter, highlight key points and difficulties, and follow the direction of propositions, so that candidates can establish a correct thinking system and form a professional theoretical framework. Quickly improve the comprehensive test-taking ability of candidates in a short period of time, and achieve the state that every test must be passed.

2. Easy to be confused and easy to make mistakes: Guided by famous teachers, extract the easy-to-mistake test questions + easy-to-confuse knowledge point test questions, conduct in-depth analysis of the easy-to-mistake knowledge points, and compare and analyze the easy-to-confuse knowledge point test questions, so that you can easily grasp the main points of the test questions! 50 questions explain video for free!

3. Pre-exam prediction: The pre-examination prediction class for physicians will present the most accurate pre-examination prediction content for each examinee by referring to the regularity of real questions in the past five years, combined with the changes and distribution of test sites in the past three years. According to the statistics of the situation in recent years, the hit rate of the test center is over 98%! In the sprint review stage, it can achieve the finishing touch, so that candidates can truly achieve the state of being able to cope with the test with ease and confidence.

4. Practical skills: explain the precautions of case analysis and teach test-taking skills

Kind tips
1. After logging in and selecting a subject, you can switch subjects at will, consult customer service, give feedback, and switch to the old version at the superimposed button of the four small squares in the upper right corner of the interface.

2. No more prompts to update the test question bank, you can answer the questions at any time in the state of the Internet, no installation is required, you can answer the questions with a browser, enter new.ksbao.com, and you can do the questions on your computer or mobile phone.

3. In order to ensure the normal use of the software, please ensure that the software is connected to the Internet

common problem
Q: Is there any requirement for the mobile phone system to install the mobile version software?

Answer: Hello, the currently launched mobile version software supports the use of mobile phones and tablet computers with Android system 2.2 or above and Apple iOS system 5.1 or above.

Q: Can I try it out first?

Answer: Hello, any subject of the mobile version of the test book can be downloaded for free, registered and logged in to try it out. If you are satisfied with the trial, please purchase the corresponding subject recharge code on the mall.

Q: How to use the recharge code?

Answer: Hello, log in to the mobile version of the software with the exam collection pass, select a subject, click on the software recharge, enter the recharge code, and confirm that the recharge is successful to use all the resources of the subject.

Q: After recharging, can it be used for free for life?

Answer: Hello, the mobile phone recharge code is divided into monthly, quarterly and annual cards. The monthly card is valid for 30 days, the quarterly card is 92 days, and the annual card is 366 days.

Q: After the recharge code is purchased, will it expire if it has not been used?

Answer: Hello, the recharge code is valid until it is recharged. After the recharge is successful using the recharge code, the time will be calculated from the day of recharge. If you want to continue to use it after expiration, you need to purchase a recharge code for renewal.

Q: Does the mobile version software need to be connected to the Internet?

Answer: Hello, the mobile version software needs to be connected to the Internet. It is recommended that you use it when connected to WIFI. If you use GPRS mobile data to surf the Internet, a certain amount of traffic will be charged. You can choose to open the GPRS traffic package corresponding to the mobile communication. To avoid high traffic charges.

Q: Does the mobile version of the software cost time and data?

Answer: Hello, the mobile version of the software will spend a large amount of traffic when downloading software and upgrading the question bank, generally around 1-5M. Usually, it will not generate a large amount of traffic when doing question exercises, which is different from the general mobile phone browsing the web. The flow is the same.

Q: The question bank downloaded before is no longer needed, how to clear it?

A: Please open the software, click the little portrait icon to the left of the software name, find the software settings in the directory, and choose to re-download the question bank.

Q: Can the mobile version software be upgraded?

Answer: Hello, the mobile version software supports online upgrades and regular updates to ensure that the question bank you use always follows the latest national examination trends.

Q: What is the mobile version of the question bank?

A: The mobile version software currently launched supports the use of mobile phones and tablet computers with Android system 2.2 and above and Apple IOS system 5.1 and above. The content of the question bank is the same as that of the stand-alone software. The same question bank has three different review methods to review, and there is always one suitable for you. For details, please consult the official website online customer service.


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