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interactive english

interactive english

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  • time: 2021-04-06 09:48:57


Interactive English High-quality English learning software helps you improve your English learning ability quickly and effectively, and you no longer have to worry about learning English, easily learn and live a happy life. Interactive English is a good helper for your handheld learning. You can learn anytime, anywhere. Meet all your needs and give you the best learning interaction experience.

Introduction to Interactive English Functions
1. Download the course:

In "My Courses", when you see the "Download" button in the picture on the left, it means that you have activated the course, but have not yet downloaded it to your phone. Click the "Download" button to download, or click the course picture to enter the course details page to download. Since the course contains a large number of video and audio files, in order to speed up the download process, when downloading the course for the first time, only the text content in the course is downloaded, and the unit video and audio content in the course catalog can be downloaded. After downloading, you can view the learning progress of the course.

2. Check the class dynamics:

On the My Class page, you can view the class dynamics, including the assignments, exams, resources and other information released by the teacher, which will be continuously updated and synchronized with the computer version. Click to enter the details page to view the details.

3. Pronunciation training:

Listen to the standard tone, then record, the system will give you a score to see how different your recording is from the standard tone~

4. Send a class group message:

On the class group message page, you can send voice or text messages to the class, and both teachers and students in this class will receive group messages from the class. Everything in the class can be said freely in the group news!

5. Record and submit oral assignments:

Enter the oral assignment details page to submit the oral assignment, click "Start Recording" to record the audio file and upload it. If the recorded audio file has been saved in the mobile phone, select "Import file from mobile phone". Uploaded files can be played and listened to. If you are not satisfied with the recording, you can swipe left to delete it.

Interactive English Highlights Introduction
1. Bookmark notes: bookmarks and notes can be added to the research page to facilitate further research;

2. Listening training: Real overseas life and work scenarios make listening training more real and effective;

3. Pronunciation practice: Standard American pronunciation is provided, which can be recorded and played back;

4. Role-playing: By playing the characters in the video and talking to the system, the speaking level is rapidly improved;

5. Interactive Communication: Interact with students studying the same course.

Introduction to the advantages of interactive English
1. My courses, manage the courses you are learning, and download the courses you are learning to your mobile phone;

2. Course study, reading courseware content, watching videos and animations, listening to course explanations, and completing interactive exercises and course tests in the courseware;

3. Comment, post your comments on the course content and discuss with other users;

4. Synchronize learning records, synchronize the learning records on the mobile phone to the website platform;

5. Browse the course catalog to understand the existing course system and provide a detailed introduction to each course;

6. Bookmarks, which can record your current learning position during the course study;

7. Notes, you can record your thoughts in the learning process;

8. Set and modify font size, whether to receive course update reminders, download only on WIFI, etc.


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