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quack reading APP

quack reading APP

  • size: 39.66MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.3.0
  • type: Educational
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-04-24 17:58:47


Quack Reading is a reading application specially created for young children. It only takes a few minutes a day for children to learn various English texts online, and children can get a very good learning experience; parents and users who need it come and download it for children Quack read the Android version to use it. A very easy-to-use children's education software, founded in 2014, is committed to providing high-quality general education for Chinese children aged 5-15, breaking the boundaries of subjects and test-taking, and cultivating a new generation with humanistic heritage, international vision and independent thinking . Download it now to experience it!

quack reading introduction
It is an online learning children's education software specially designed for children aged 5-12. The platform provides users with a large number of English learning materials, as well as vivid and fun animation teaching videos, so that children can learn in a childlike learning world, love Read on, gain knowledge and grow.

Guagua Reading is a brand-new product launched by English enlightenment expert Jiliguala. It is an English grading library specially customized for Chinese children aged 5-12. Use AI + big data to empower English reading, grade it according to the international authoritative Lens standard, and scientifically plan the English graded reading route. The rich themed reading materials cover the slogans of primary and secondary school classes, 5 minutes a day, so that children can read English well.

Software function introduction
Massive resources, professional book selection

More than 1,000 classic English books are selected from all over the world, and four classic reading systems are introduced, including the famous Oxford Reading Tree, the authoritative textbook for British and American schools, the Australian national book PM Reading, and the best-selling Sunshine in Australia, Britain and the United States, all in one stop! Enjoy online English readings worth millions of yuan in thousands of physical books at a time.

Intelligent planning, scientific advancement

Scientifically locate the initial reading level, intelligently push reading plans every week, and track reading performance throughout the process. And according to the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, it matches the content suitable for children's reading level, and scientifically adjusts the difficulty of reading materials, from easy to difficult, and progresses step by step.

Intelligent sound correction, listening and reading improvement

Pure English pronunciation input, intelligent score with reading, correct pronunciation of wrong words in time, let children practice authentic spoken pronunciation and become a master of listening and reading.

Personalized word bank, accumulating vocabulary

Collect core vocabulary cards during reading, and cyclically review core vocabulary through intelligent reading recommendation, achieve short-term high-frequency input, and strengthen memory. The selected readings all cover the syllabus of primary and secondary schools, which are closely integrated with the syllabus, and can be read without worry.

In addition to the weekly reading plan, children can also choose their own topics of interest. In the process of enjoying interesting reading, they can master reading skills and move towards independent reading, and finally have the reading comprehension and thinking skills that go beyond the "exam-taking" requirements. Parents no longer have to worry about their children's English reading~

Introduction to software advantages
1. Numerous English reading resources, children can read according to their own preferences;

2. Help children find the joy of reading and learn English independently;

3. You can use your mobile phone to read online anytime, anywhere.

4. Select more than 1000 classic English books from all over the world, and you can't read them all;

5. Intelligently push reading plans for children every week, and follow the plan to learn more efficiently;

Software Highlights Introduction
1. The pure English pronunciation and reading function can also be scored according to the pronunciation.

2. Children can independently choose the reading content they are interested in, making learning a happy thing;

3. The reading content covers the syllabus of primary and secondary schools and is closely integrated with the syllabus;

4. Children are welcome to join.

Software Features Introduction
1) Nearly 1,000 world-renowned original English books

2) Relying on big data to plan reading tasks every week

3) Where does AI intelligent voice correction go wrong?

4) Personalized word bank reading to accumulate vocabulary

Introduction to software evaluation
Guagua Reading official website mobile app is an online English learning platform. There are a large number of English reading resources. You can read and learn on the platform to your heart's content, and you can read with your children to strengthen emotional communication between each other and enhance parent-child interaction. The learning picture is beautiful and clear, making children more interested in reading, falling in love with English, helping children develop good study habits, laying a good foundation for English from an early age, and future learning will be easier, so that children like reading from a young age. The editor recommends it with all our strength, and welcomes the majority of users and friends to come to download and experience!

v1.3.0 quack~ Fresh report:
[More Readings] Comprehensive upgrade ~ Three new sections, [Popular], [Filtering], and [My], have been added, and the functions are subdivided, making it easier to find books!
[Popular] section - the most popular reading series and classic albums on the entire network, such as "Oxford Tree" series, "Big Cat" series, PM Reading, Xue Le Sunshine, "Little Fly" series, etc.
[Filtering] section - according to children's preferences, you can simultaneously filter interesting readings by level, series, and theme.
[My] section - exclusive library, personalized collection, private reading, a lot of fun.
Upgrade the new version of the APP, come and experience! If you have any questions during use, please contact the human customer service in the [Parent Center] in the APP to give us feedback~


  • quack reading APP
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  • quack reading APP
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