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Self-examination housekeeper

Self-examination housekeeper

  • size: 17.03MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 2.0.8
  • type: Educational
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2019-11-25 17:24:42


Self-examination housekeeper app is a mobile education and learning software. It is specially designed for those who take self-examination. It has the most convenient self-study help function. It is more intelligent, reliable and convenient, making self-exam easier and higher quality The self-study service and the acquisition of educational resources are indispensable software for self-study exams. Interested friends can download it now!

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Software Description
The self-examination manager app is an application specially designed to provide comprehensive services for self-examination examinees. It aims to improve convenient problem-solving channels for self-examination examinees, and is committed to creating an efficient one-stop service platform so that it can achieve easy preparation for the examination. This application integrates the functions of learning, business management, degree application and information inquiry, and can solve the problems of self-examination in all aspects. Candidates can check the enrollment information of the target colleges here, check the professional information, apply for degrees, handle graduation affairs, reissue certificates, etc. At the same time, there are also a variety of online courses, candidates can feel free when they are free. Learning can play a certain role in the process of preparing for the exam. What are you waiting for, friends in need download it immediately.

Software function
Check the college admissions information to learn about the specific policies of admissions;

Online application for graduation degree can also apply for reissue of relevant documents;

One-click query of degree English, you can know the English results in time;

Open a wealth of online courses, you can directly sign up for online courses;

Check the test scores in time, and be able to check the score line of the target college;

Online consultation with the self-examination housekeeper, you can consult any questions about the self-examination;

Software Highlights
Self-examination community, gathering self-examination candidates from all over the country to communicate here;

Post online, you can post about the topic of self-examination;

Online interaction, able to exchange self-examination questions with like-minded people;

Online housekeeper, can choose any housekeeper to consult learning problems;

Online paper library, which brings together a large number of academic papers from various majors;

Pre-exam materials, collect a large number of self-examination study materials and resources;

Online classes have opened a variety of special/book and special-book continuous reading classes;

Software Features
[Electronic file] At present, candidates in Hubei Province can intelligently bind their self-examination student status through their admit card and ID card, and manage the score information of all subjects of their majors on the mobile phone, so that the examination study plan is not confused.

[Check function] Provides the most timely and authoritative query functions for self-examination, examination rooms, examination plans, colleges, majors, online learning, etc., and the mobile terminal is more convenient and faster.

[Thesis Library] The teaching and research team has screened and sorted out the excellent self-examination undergraduate graduation thesis (above 75 points) in the past 8 years. Currently, it covers a total of 15 popular majors, and provides model essay reference and thesis guidance for graduates.

[Business handling] Candidates can quickly handle business, including VIP worry-free hosting, smart housekeeper, application, transfer exemption, online learning application, graduation and degree application, etc., and can track the progress of business at any time.

[Online Butler] No matter where you are, you will have convenient access to the guidance of professional self-examination butlers. You can ask anything, we must know everything, and we will work with you on the road of self-examination, not to make you feel uneasy Help and Lonely!

software evaluation
The self-study housekeeper APP is the first self-study exam comprehensive service mobile application in China launched in 2016 by the Hubei self-study institution: Wuhan Dongda Siyuan Education Technology Co., Ltd.

The reason why it is called "the first" is because before that, the self-examination APPs mainly focused on learning and training, such as: Self-examination Ten Thousand Question Bank, Suntech Self-examination Light Question Bank and other self-examination question bank APPs, and self-examination housekeeper APP is It integrates Hubei self-examination service and Hubei self-examination training. The APP is truly used as a student's handheld counselor, an artifact for self-examination learning.

Self-examination housekeeper APP provides all-round support for self-examination students with content, guidance and services through convenient learning methods, high-quality learning content and personalized offline services, and strives to create an intelligent, honest and professional high-quality self-examination online learning The platform makes self-examination efficient and easy.

common problem
Which mobile phones can use the Self-Exam Manager app?

Answer: The self-test housekeeper app has been launched on IOS version and Android version. The IOS version supports iphone mobile phones with ios8.0 or above system, and the Android version supports mobile phones with Android 4.0 or above system in the market. If there is a "flashback" situation, it is recommended Upgrade your phone's operating system.

Why bind the real self-examination registration information?

A: In order to facilitate your smooth use of all the functions and services of the self-examination manager, you need to bind your real self-examination information so that you can become our official user. After binding your self-examination registration, you can check your subject scores and handle business anytime, anywhere.

Xiaobian comment
This software is really easy to use, and it is favored by those who take the self-examination test. There are a lot of learning resources for users to learn at any time. Self-examination, friends who like it, come and download it!


  • Self-examination housekeeper
  • Self-examination housekeeper
  • Self-examination housekeeper
  • Self-examination housekeeper