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Small A English Reading

Small A English Reading

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Small A English Reading is a practical English learning software, which can make users' children fall in love with English learning better. You can freely choose a variety of courses, learn English synchronously in the classroom, and let the children review the courses they do not understand in the classroom as soon as possible after class.

Small A English reading function introduction
1. [Offline Dictionary]: Xiaoah English Reading integrates an offline English-Chinese dictionary, which can quickly and accurately translate or look up words offline;

2. [Self-test]: The self-test mode (multiple choice questions) in reading will provide you with a more interesting way of reading and learning;

3. [Automatic translation]: When the word in the new vocabulary reappears in reading, the translation of the correct tense will be automatically displayed on the right side of the new word, and the repetition of the new word will greatly enhance your memory invisibly, no need to memorize any word.

Introduction to the Features of Small A English Reading
1. People can read their favorite English fluently, so as to slowly absorb and memorize English words and expand their vocabulary;

2. The software is actually an excellent English e-book and information reader, which can help many friends who want to learn English;

3. And it can count new words, each new word can bring detailed explanation and make people remember better.

Introduction to the Highlights of Small A English Reading
1. Xiaoah's English reading application chooses real English public books for you;

2. Interesting English works to help you read English e-books and information online;

3. Provide convenient and practical functions such as word query, new word review, source sentence analysis, whole paragraph translation, real-time translation, real person reading, variable speed playback, and underline collection.

Introduction to the advantages of small A English reading
1. Efficient word search and paragraph translation functions, support pronunciation in real life, listen and memorize, and learn words more effectively;

2. Switch between Chinese and English at will, to provide you with the most accurate content translation service. If you don’t understand it during the reading process, you can understand the translation with one click;

3. In order to provide you with a tool to enhance word memory, the source of the new word is marked: I have read the book and the source sentence, and am more impressed with the review. With the help of intelligent memory algorithms, I can help you memorize words efficiently.


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