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gogokid English official website version

gogokid English official website version

  • size: 45.77MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 2.2.0
  • type: Educational
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2019-11-18 15:08:30


The gogokid English official website app is a professional English learning software, with strict teacher selection criteria, to provide you with American teaching methods, to form a high-quality learning method in a relaxed learning environment, and to adopt one-to-one education. Children can learn English easily, and friends who like it can download it!

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Software Description
gogokid is an online education brand focusing on children aged 4-12. It adopts highly qualified foreign teachers from North America, and adopts a one-to-one online teaching mode. Through immersive teaching, it creates a near-native bilingual learning environment for children. Adhering to the core educational philosophy of "child-centered", Gogokid is committed to helping children speak with confidence. Use technology to empower education, use big data and artificial intelligence technology to create intelligent flipped classroom, through scientific intelligent evaluation system, interactive preview before class, artificial intelligence in class and refined data statistics to reflect classroom interaction, dynamic learning data after class, Draw an exclusive learning blueprint for your child, so that you can customize an exclusive learning plan for your child. Benchmarking the American mainstream elementary school curriculum standard (ccss) and the domestic Ministry of Education English curriculum standard (new curriculum standard), bringing smart and interesting English learning experience to more Chinese children.

Software function
Free trial study, you can make an appointment for a one-on-one experience class first, and you are satisfied with learning knowledge in the system;

A high-quality team of teachers, students can choose their favorite teachers to make an appointment online;

Intelligently filter teachers, you can search for teachers by entering class time, teacher conditions and other information;

Self-test English proficiency, from various aspects, including listening, speaking, reading, etc.;

Learning report, which records the student's learning progress, learned words, mastered words, etc.;

Online teaching provides a convenient way for students to learn knowledge at any time;

Software Features
Adopt the latest one-to-one teaching mode, as well as American classroom learning knowledge;

You can also learn English knowledge for free at home and enjoy a convenient channel for learning knowledge;

Increase the fun of learning English knowledge, so that students can fall in love with learning English;

Expand students' learning knowledge from multiple dimensions and continuously improve students' special ability;

Comprehensively understand students' learning situation, and intelligently assist students to lay a solid English foundation;

Support students to test their speaking ability and know their own knowledge of English;

Software Highlights
The course is more suitable for Chinese children

The American mainstream primary school curriculum standard (ccss) and the domestic Ministry of Education English curriculum standard (new curriculum standard) are double benchmarked, which is more suitable for Chinese children

Speak English like an American kid

1-to-1 foreign teachers in North America, let children immerse themselves in the original English teaching environment, and say goodbye to "dumb English"

Global professional teachers, professional teaching

Selected native English-speaking teachers, one out of 20 applicants will receive 15 hours of professional training. Every teacher has strict requirements from teaching methods, personalized teaching, to students' after-school learning.

100% high-quality North American foreign teachers

All foreign teachers are from the United States or Canada, with undergraduate and higher education background, rich teaching experience, the admission rate is only 3%

Learn anytime, anywhere

No need for parents to pick up and drop off, children can go to school anytime, anywhere; transparent classrooms, parents know all about children's learning

Professional Chinese teachers guide the whole process

Professional Chinese teachers guide the whole process, respond to the learning needs of students and parents in real time, and focus 100% on children's learning effects

Software advantage
gogokid intelligent learning system

Relying on big data and artificial intelligence technology, the gogokid learning system is child-centered and customizes an exclusive learning plan for each student

High-end courses synchronize with American education

High-end writing, science and other courses allow children to synchronize with native American education and develop critical thinking.

All-round immersion learning

In addition to the curriculum, it also assists the graded reading system and listening materials, and provides all-round learning guidance for children after school to help the overall development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Comprehensive development of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Comprehensive development of listening, speaking, reading and writing

Covers courses from initiation to advanced

No matter from the most basic Chinese and English bilingual enlightenment courses, to the California courses that focus on improving children's listening and speaking vocabulary, or to high-end writing and science courses involving thinking, we provide children with a sustainable and comprehensive learning path.

common problem 
1. Where can I get a free trial class?

Users can register as a member on the official website to receive a free trial class.

2. Do I need to prepare anything before the experience class?

Before the experience class, please check the class equipment and help your child complete the proficiency test.

Install the software, directly click the software icon to open the application

Enter the page and select the appropriate teacher according to the needs of the students

Then make an appointment for a teacher to teach a class, which is a one-to-one teaching mode

Open the software within the appointment time and enter the classroom to start learning

On the cycle report page, you can view the student's learning progress

This is a very easy-to-use software. All the software adopts American English education methods, so that children can learn real English, and can also let children learn to speak standard English and develop a good English learning habit. If you are interested, please download it!


  • gogokid English official website version
  • gogokid English official website version
  • gogokid English official website version
  • gogokid English official website version
  • gogokid English official website version