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Casually said app

Casually said app

  • size: 16.84MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.6.1
  • type: Educational
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2019-08-28 09:39:19


Casually said app is an English speaking learning software. It learns English in an immersive way and provides online learning courses of professional institutions, covering reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Here, you can complete the required English learning through online classes. Download it now to experience it!

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Software introduction
Speak casually APP, let you speak English casually! Casual Say App is a brand new online English learning software launched by Shenzhen Casual Say Technology. It is an immersive way to learn English. It is entertaining and entertaining. It is not only fun but also efficient. By imitating the dubbing in movies, animations, speeches and other videos with the original sound, you can fully integrate into the English environment for learning. In addition, the setting of repeated dubbing will let you play until you are satisfied!

Software Features
Watch videos, play dubbing, learn English

In casually speaking, there are very rich dubbing and video resources. Watching the scene video to practice dubbing will not only help you fully grasp the usage scene when learning English, but also modify the pronunciation in time after the dubbing is completed, so as to achieve the interesting learning effect of both learning and practice.

A step closer to comprehensive English learning

We provide online learning courses from professional institutions, covering all aspects of reading, listening, writing and speaking. Here, you can complete the required English learning through online classes.

Learn new words anytime, anywhere

The powerful photo translation function helps you recognize new words when you encounter them in all scenarios. No need to spell words, just open the Say it app, point the camera at the word you want to translate, and the translation will be displayed in seconds. Add new vocabulary to strengthen learning.

Conquer the leaderboard with works

If your recording works are discovered and liked by many people, you have the opportunity to appear in various charts. Constantly discuss pronunciation skills with others to improve speaking skills.

Software function
【Exercise of original voice dubbing】

Different from the whole video dubbing and the oral training of a single sentence, the English video clips produced by the user are split for each sentence, and the user can practice the dubbing sentence by sentence and make correct corrections to his pronunciation. It truly achieves fun learning that is both learning and playing, and scene-based!

【Scenario Application Exercise】

Applying what you have learned is the purpose of learning. Casually speaking, through the analysis of various life scenarios, we have customized professional situational oral practice courses. By creating a real communication scene, the learning process is full of pictures. The learning of multi-scenario courses allows you to actually communicate No problem!

【Daily check-in reward】

We customize the exclusive study plan for each user, and the professional daily study plan helps the user to split the daily study tasks, so that the user can study easily and effectively at the same time. By completing the daily course study, not only the learning effect can be achieved, but also the reward that is sent casually - cash red envelopes. Help you develop good habits of daily study.

【Exchange experience with each other】

Learning should not be done behind closed doors, and mutual communication and encouragement can achieve better learning results. All the learning results casually mentioned can be shared in the App, WeChat and QQ. At the same time, casually speaking, various functions such as ranking lists, comments, and private messages are also set up. Allow users to show their abilities in the app, help more people or seek help.

【Application of AI technology】

Powerful AI capabilities will produce learning plans and recommend learning materials for each user! There is also a cool photo translation function. When encountering words that you don’t understand, you don’t need to enter them. You can scan the camera to get the word definitions. It will also be automatically added to the vocabulary book, which is convenient for future learning.


  • Casually said app
  • Casually said app
  • Casually said app
  • Casually said app
  • Casually said app