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Medical Education Network

Medical Education Network

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The Medical Education Network app is a mobile learning application software carefully prepared for the majority of medical students to learn medical knowledge. Through the Medical Education Network app, you can learn more industry information and related information, and enjoy more services at the same time. Download and experience now!

Software introduction
Medical Education Network is a large-scale medical distance education website, with more than 1.2 million medical professional and examination information, and millions of registered students. With strong teachers, leading intelligent interactive courseware, rigorous teaching style, and flexible and diverse teaching methods , Good counseling effect, has been well received by the majority of candidates, and is the preferred website for candidates to understand the latest policies and trends of medical examinations such as physician qualifications, nurse qualifications, health qualifications, licensed pharmacists, and participate in training.

Software function
perfect classroom

Video, audio, handouts, question bank exercises

Lecture experience

Listening to lectures, taking notes, and practicing multi-channel learning


Face to face with famous teachers

medical bookstore

richer learning resources

Software Features
1. High-definition mobile classroom, famous teachers synchronize blackboard writing;

Learning is more intuitive, and multiple playback speeds can be selected arbitrarily, improving the efficiency of learning related knowledge such as physician qualifications, pharmacists, nurse qualifications, and laboratory technicians. At the same time, the mobile classroom supports video/audio mode, as well as "video + handout" and "audio + handout" modes, which can be switched at any time during class, with a perfect learning experience. The most important thing is that we can download it locally, and learn anytime, anywhere!

2. Massive practice questions, automatic review and judgment;

Chapter exercises, knowledge point exercises, online school simulation questions, real questions over the years, etc. can be practiced through mobile phones. The questions are comprehensive, extremely accurate, close to the exam, and accurately master the question-making skills and proposition rules. Qualifications of physicians, physicians, nurses, All inspectors are included.

3. Real-time online Q&A with famous teachers of online schools;

Hundreds of famous teachers answer questions online 24 hours a day. If you have any questions, I will answer them, and solve any problems you encounter in studying doctor qualifications, practicing/assistant physicians, and practicing pharmacists. Consolidate the foundation and comprehensively improve the learning effect.

4. Accurate study report;

Accurately predict your learning status based on your lectures and questions, find deficiencies, and intelligently match a personalized learning plan

common problem
1. How many playback modes are there during playback?

There are two playback modes of audio or video, and you can view the handout synchronously, and the audio mode saves data costs.

2. How many mobile devices can a lecture account be used on?

The same student code supports logging in and watching classes on one mobile phone and one tablet.

3. Why can't I play the course on my phone?

If you can normally enter the mobile phone viewing interface and log in normally, but cannot play the video mode courseware, please check your network signal first. If the network signal is not very good, the course may not be played normally. At this time, you can contact the online school customer service. 010-82311666/4006501888.


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