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Yantai bus

Yantai bus

  • size: 30.17MB
  • platform: android
  • Version: 2.92
  • type: Travel
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2019-11-28 10:39:16


Yantai Bus App is a travel software that provides Yantai bus route query and bus card online recharge service. Yantai bus software can provide real-time bus distance, so that users don’t have to wait blindly and help Yantai people travel better. Come and download it!

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Software Description

Yantai Bus is a real-time bus app built for local residents. Through the app, users can query bus information and provide great help for their own bus travel. Quickly search for nearby bus stops, freely choose positioning, and help users find accurate locations. , very practical, providing substantial help for local residents' travel; Yantai bus app can quickly obtain the real-time location and arrival time of the bus, users can check the money when they go out, and grasp the arrival time of the bus in time, refuse to wait, refuse Being late allows you to get on the bus on time and travel in time. It is a must-have bus query artifact for users in urban life. You can check bus information at any time, and users in need can come to download and experience.

Software function

You can query the detailed running dynamics of the bus in real time;

Users can quickly view the nearest ride station nearby;

Enter the destination name to see the available routes;

The app will display the arrival time of the bus in real time;

Put away the buses you often take;

You can locate your own location information in real time;

Software Features

The app will automatically display the three bus positions closest to the station;

Update the location information of the bus for you in real time;

Recommend the fastest bus routes nearby based on the user's location;

The app will promptly remind the user of the bus that needs to be replaced;

It has a very accurate positioning function, which can predict the arrival time of the bus in time;

The user's bus travel can become very convenient and fast;

Software Highlights

1. After the user installs the "Yantai Bus" client, he only needs to select the corresponding bus line and bus stop, and the software will automatically display the positions of the three buses that are closer to the station and update them in real time.

2. The "Yantai Bus" client also has practical functions such as recommending nearby popular bus lines according to the user's location, making transfer queries according to the starting point and ending point, and obtaining bus line information.

3. Real-time query of all routes in Zhifu District, Laishan District, High-tech Zone and cross-district routes in Development Zone, Fushan District and Muping District has been realized.

Software advantage

1. Increase the real-time data of bus routes, stations, and vehicles in the development zone.

2. Reduce the update frequency of data packets to once a week, silently update in wifi environment.

3. Fix the problem that the time of the starting and ending trains is inaccurate and the display cannot be opened.

4. Correct the errors and omissions of real-time data of some vehicles.

5. Nearby: Remove ambiguous site distance information and add surrounding information.

6. Line real-time: add automatic refresh reminder and manual refresh button.

Recommended reason

Provide users with real-time data on bus routes, stops, and vehicles;

The location of nearby sites is displayed for you through the map, and you can locate it with one click;

Provide you with transfer inquiry service and quickly obtain transfer plan;

All public transportation information near you will be displayed for you;

Select the bus you need to know to get detailed route information;

Instructions for use

1. After entering the APP, you can view your location information

2. Then enter the destination you want to reach

3. The APP can quickly provide you with the best driving route

4. You can take a bus to the station according to the route information

5. View the arrival time of the bus in real time and prepare for boarding in advance

6. After the bus arrives at the stop, you can take the bus

Xiaobian comment

Yantai bus software is a particularly popular mobile phone bus software in Yantai City released by Yantai Public Transport Group, which is similar to the function of general public transport query software. With it, you can control the dynamics of public transportation in Yantai at any time! Friends who need it, come and download it!


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