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Easy to use car

Easy to use car

  • size: 19.86MB
  • platform: android
  • Version: 8.12.0
  • type: Travel
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2019-09-12 10:23:08


Easy to use car app is a professional mobile phone software that provides you with car rental services. You can book a special car for yourself or others anytime, anywhere, and enjoy a warm and comfortable time on the road. Download it now to experience it!

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Software introduction

Easy to use the car APP to provide users with high-quality pick-up service, you can freely publish the ride order online, after the online driver accepts the order, it will quickly provide you with the pick-up service, your travel can become very convenient Convenience; APP has heard many high-quality popular models, users can choose freely, bringing you the best experience when riding; powerful big data technology and GPS positioning system can quickly locate the real-time position of the vehicle for you, Allows you to control the whole process of the vehicle at any time; the APP will record your consumption information in real time, and you can clearly know your consumption amount through the APP, and you can directly complete the transaction online; the APP has provided millions of users with high-quality The service has been affirmed by various users, and it is your trustworthy platform; users who need it come to download and use it!

Application function

You can quickly book the vehicle information you need online, so that you can get high-quality travel services;

You can get in touch with the driver online and quickly grasp the driver's location;

The APP will use big data technology to calculate the distance between you and the vehicle, and clearly know the arrival time of the vehicle;

Check your itinerary anytime, anywhere and know your itinerary information;

Enter the destination location information you need to reach, and you can preview the travel route;

You can preview the taxi price of each vehicle online and find more cost-effective cars;

Application Features

Has a very fast order-taking speed, as long as you send your travel order, a driver will quickly take the order;

With many models, users can choose freely to meet the travel needs of users;

You can publish travel orders online anytime, anywhere, so that you can obtain high-quality travel services;

There are a large number of drivers online every day to provide you with services, your travel can become very easy and convenient;

Has a very high cost performance, allowing users to get more discounts;

Professional drivers provide pick-up services for you, all drivers are strictly screened;

Instructions for use

1. After entering the APP, users can start to choose the travel service they need

2. Allow APP to locate your location

3. After successful positioning, you can preview nearby drivers

4. Then click the dialog box and enter the destination name

5. Get the route information, and then post the order

6. After the driver accepts the order, you can get high-quality pickup service


  • Easy to use car
  • Easy to use car
  • Easy to use car
  • Easy to use car
  • Easy to use car