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Beijing traffic

Beijing traffic

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  • time: 2019-08-13 18:30:40


The Beijing Traffic Police App is the mobile client software of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Administration, which provides one-stop comprehensive transportation services such as real-time public transportation, public bicycles, and real-time road conditions for Beijing citizens. Committed to providing more convenience for citizens to travel. Download now to experience it!

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Software introduction

Beijing Traffic (Beijing Traffic Travel App) is an official comprehensive traffic travel information service application produced by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation, providing one-stop comprehensive traffic information services for citizens' daily travel.

The Beijing Traffic APP consists of two major sections: "News Consulting" and "Travel Agency". Through news consultation, it can provide citizens with comprehensive and timely traffic information, policy interpretation and travel tips. Through the "Tourism Service" section, citizens can inquire about 20 kinds of travel services in various travel modes, such as public transportation, subway, bicycle, civil aviation, railway, inter-provincial long-distance travel, etc., to meet the needs of urban and inter-provincial transportation.



The Beijing Traffic Management Bureau plans to start the construction of the "Beijing Traffic Police" mobile APP based on the "Accident e Handling" mobile APP, and the Beijing Traffic Police will launch the official APP for handling traffic accidents. Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, Beijing Insurance Regulatory Bureau, and Beijing Insurance Industry Association announced the launch of the "Accident e Handling" mobile app, which allows car owners to upload photos of the accident scene, negotiate liability and insurance claims and other functions.

The functions of the Beijing Traffic Police APP include accident e-handling, illegal investigation and payment, illegal reporting, opinions and suggestions, relevant information, points, Beijing entry permit application (drivers of vehicles entering Beijing can apply for Beijing entry permit online through the mobile APP), illegal processing, illegal processing Reporting, information release, etc. In the later stage, columns such as "Road Condition Information", "Traffic Forecast", "Vehicle Driving Management Service" and "Warrior Rescue" are planned to be added successively.


related news

After the roadside electronic toll collection is implemented on the pilot road sections, what channels can be used to complete the payment?

The first recommendation is the Beijing Traffic APP. After logging in, you can use various functions including parking payment and online receipt of invoices by binding the license plate. The APP supports Alipay and WeChat payment methods.

If the car owner has not downloaded the APP, he can also complete the payment through the handheld terminal in the hands of the administrator. The terminal supports five payment methods: Alipay, WeChat, All-in-One Card, ETC, and bank card.

In addition, in some pilot sections, citizens can also find self-service payment terminals similar to vertical air conditioners. In fact, hand-held terminals are fixed to the sidewalks. This equipment uses solar energy to obtain electricity, and the screen is an LCD touch screen.


Use the tutorial

【Beijing Entry Permit Processing】

You need to fill in the relevant information online 1-4 days in advance, such as drivers and vehicles entering Beijing. After the system is reviewed, the result will be notified in the form of an APP message, indicating that the paper version of the Beijing Entry Permit can be printed!

【Illegal report】

Within the administrative area of ​​this city, you are required to report motor vehicle violations by taking pictures. After receiving the reported information, the traffic control department will review and deal with it according to law. It should be reminded that drivers are not allowed to report and take photos while driving or in other situations that impede traffic safety.

【Traffic violation investigation and payment】

You can not only inquire about illegal records independently, but also realize the active push of traffic violation information through the subscription function. Isn’t that great? If you hold a Beijing driver’s license, you can also handle off-site traffic violations of Beijing-brand motor vehicles under your own name. Payment supports all UnionPay card mobile online payment.

【Accident e handling】

After a traffic accident occurs, the parties can take pictures through the APP to complete the self-collection of evidence; complete the responsibility determination through self-negotiation or remote guidance of the traffic police; complete the online insurance claim report through the APP. In addition, this module also adds the functions of video forensics, automatic identification of the QR code of the party's information, and identification of the authenticity of the driver's license and driving license.


common problem

A few questions you must know about the Beijing Traffic Police APP

Q: How long is the validity period for the online application for Beijing Entry Permit?

A: The validity period is 2-7 days as before.

Q: Does online processing take effect on the same day?

A: The editor is very responsible to tell you that it will take effect on the same day and the next day!

Q: Do I need to print after the online application is successful?

A: No need to print, as long as the application is successful on the mobile phone

Q: Do I need to apply again after the seven days expire?

A: Yes, because the online application will take effect the next day, so the editor reminds everyone to re-apply on the sixth day~

Q: Will choosing the location of entry to Beijing affect the processing of the Beijing Entry Permit?

Answer: The first time you enter Beijing, you can choose the actual place to enter Beijing, and you can choose one at will if you are already in Beijing! It will not affect!

Are both Android and Apple versions available? Is there any difference in function?

Answer: Both can be done, the functions are the same

Before processing:

Q: Can I apply for an electronic Beijing entry permit for a driver's license during the internship period?

Answer: No

Q: Can I apply for an electronic Beijing entry permit for violations of regulations?

Answer: No, you need to deal with the violation before you can handle it.

Q: Can the electronic Beijing Entry Permit and the physical Beijing Entry Permit be processed within the same time period?

A: Of course, it cannot be repeated, and the electronic Beijing entry permit cannot be renewed at the urban safety supervision window. At present, once the application for the Electronic Beijing Entry Permit is successful, the date cannot be changed. The dates of the electronic entry permit and the physical entry permit cannot overlap.

Q: Can medium and large vehicles from other places apply for the Beijing Entry Permit online?

A: At present, only foreign passenger cars are allowed to apply for the electronic Beijing entry permit online, and other large vehicles still need to go to the checkpoint window to apply.

Q: Many netizens reported yesterday that the user information does not exist during processing, what should I do?

Answer: The editor has also consulted relevant departments many times based on this question. The official reply said that this can only be consulted by the DMV (that is, the issuing unit of your driving book) for the time being.

Q: After submitting the information, I have been reviewing it, but still no response after 24 hours, or it shows that the review failed without explaining the reason!

A: The editor submitted it at about 10 o'clock yesterday, and it has not been successfully processed so far. This morning (May 27th) at 7:00, I opened the software and prompted: The review failed, and it has been re-applied, waiting for the result.

===What is the reason for the sad reminder? The software does not prompt ===

So the editor reminds: fill in your information as much as possible according to the requirements of the software. Be sure to check carefully when filling in. Once submitted, it cannot be modified or revoked.

Q: Is the information submitted for system review or manual review?

A: The editor who submitted the review for the first time felt that it should be a manual review. It might not be so troublesome in the future. After all, the vehicle information is fixed (compulsory insurance, annual inspection should be prompted in the system), so I think most of the problems should be in the driving information.

Q: Can the photo on the driving book be used for the submitted front photo of the vehicle?

A: No, you must actually take a photo of the front of the vehicle.

Q: What is the longest waiting time after application review.

A: This editor is also very helpless. After consulting with many departments, they all said that they have not received the notice and can only wait.

Q: One account can apply for several Beijing Entry Permits

Answer: Each account can apply for Beijing Entry Permit for up to 3 vehicles

Q: How many days in advance can the electronic entry permit be processed?

A: Apply for the Beijing Entry Permit at most 4 days in advance

Example: Today is the 1st, and you can apply for the Beijing Entry Permit for 2-5 days online.

Q: When will the Beijing Entry Permit take effect?

A: The official reply: the processing will take effect on the same day and the next day. That is to say, it is not possible to apply for the electronic entry permit for the same day. If you really need to apply for the same day, you can only do it on the spot at each checkpoint in Beijing.

Successfully done:

Q: Do I need to print out the electronic Beijing Entry Permit?

Answer: In response to this question, the editor has answered yesterday that after applying for an electronic Beijing entry permit, there is no need to print the paper version of the certificate. The foreign vehicle captured by the electronic eye can automatically identify whether the vehicle has a Beijing entry permit in the system. If you encounter an on-site inspection, you can show the electronic QR code in your mobile phone, and the equipment equipped by the police on duty on the road can directly scan the QR code for verification.

Q: A applies for the Beijing Entry Permit online, and B drives a car. Can this kind of thing go on the road?

A: Yes, as long as the application is successful, you can go on the road. Because vehicles can enter Beijing, there is no requirement for who drives.

Q: I still want to print out the electronic Beijing Entry Permit, is that possible?

Answer: Yes, the driver can print out the Beijing Entry Permit and place it in an obvious position under the windshield of the car, which is convenient for use on the road and convenient for temporary inspection by the police.

Q: Will there be a notification after the process is successful?

A: Yes, check the information sent by the system under the message tab. At the same time, check the status of the entry permit application page, there are several types: review, failure, success.


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