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watermark king

watermark king

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  • platform: [Android]
  • Version: 2.6
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  • time: 2020-07-24 10:18:57


Watermark King One-click watermarking is faster and better, and you deserve to have a watermark processing expert. Watermark King can easily extract massive high-definition videos, an efficient and fast watermark removal tool, and easily remove watermarks. Watermark King can be done with one click to improve efficiency, don't worry about not using the operation, just move your finger. The professional editing function of Watermark King is also very good. Meet all the needs of users, small size and strong functions, don't you like it? Interested users come to Qiuzhi.com to download and experience it!

Introduction of Watermark King app

It is a very professional and easy-to-use free video watermark removal tool. The software is small and simple, with a simple interface and complete functions. It mainly helps users to remove the watermark removal function in the video content needed in daily life, and provides a convenient and quick one-click to eliminate the seamless effect platform. With it, users can modify any video with a watermark at will, just click the elimination button without any complicated operation process, and the software has a wide range of applications, supporting multiple third-party video platform video one-click analysis and extraction , not only can fully preserve the same clarity and texture as the original video, but also support video size cropping, shortening the market, more multi-angle, playback rate switching at will, and a lot of exquisite special effects filters are available for you. The most professional and high-quality video processing application makes your videos more personalized and cool.

Software function introduction

1. One-click removal of video watermark, you can extract video without watermark in one step. Simple and easy to use

2. Parse video: Support multiple third-party video platforms to remove watermarks from videos. The operation is simple. After copying the video link, open the software and click Extract to extract the video. The parsed video is exactly the same as the original video, and supports extracting seamless watermark videos from multiple platforms

3. Traceless watermark removal: support for extracting multi-platform non-watermarked videos, and traceless restoration of high-definition videos

4. Cropping ratio: crop video size, support multiple size options, and remove corner watermarks

5. Cropping duration: You can crop the duration of the video and remove the watermark at the beginning and end of the video

6. Play with the video: You can flip the video left and right, and you can also rotate the video angle to support 90 degrees/180 degrees/270 degrees/360 degrees. It can also play video backwards, change the speed of the video, and support a variety of video rate options. The processed video is more fun.

7. Video compression, the video size can be reduced several times without affecting the picture quality

8. Supports analysis of multiple mainstream short video platforms, and all short video platforms found in the basic application market can complete the analysis and download

9. Support adding unique watermarks, multiple video cropping and editing functions, and video special effects filters, etc.

Software Features Introduction
1. The simple watermark removal operation is very easy to use

2. Quickly crop the picture to remove the watermark part

3. One-click to remove the watermark without any traces

4. Support one-click analysis to extract video content from major short video platforms

Software Highlights Introduction

1. Users can easily remove the watermark content of the video on the platform, which can help you remove the video watermark content

2. The watermark can be removed directly by the local video, and the user can get a very high-quality operating experience

3. You can also purchase corresponding membership services on the platform, and you can enjoy more benefits

4. Quickly preview the effect after removing the watermark, so you can adjust it in time

5. The video editing function is prepared for you, so you can edit video freely


Watermark King v1.3.4.8 (2020-7-23)

1. Brand new interface, stable function

2. More stable service, make your experience to a higher level

v1.2.0 (2020.5.18)

3. Brand new VIP plan, richer VIP privileges, allowing you to enjoy the best experience at a more affordable price

4. The update adds a short video shooting service to provide you with the required short video shooting custom uniforms


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