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candy wallpaper

candy wallpaper

  • size: 6.96MB
  • platform: [Android]
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • type Theme
  • language: 简体中文
  • time: 2020-04-23 11:47:14


Candy wallpapers, let's change clothes for your mobile phone. A wallpaper has been used for a long time, and it looks tired, but there is no good wallpaper to change, you can only make it. Now Xiaobian recommends a personalized wallpaper software that you can do yourself. Let you not only do it yourself, but also find the one you like among the massive wallpapers. There are not only wallpapers, but also various types of themes. Let's change clothes for your mobile phone, change to a beautiful theme, and beautiful wallpapers, so that you can feel happy. Interested users quickly download it!

Description of Candy Wallpapers
It is a high-quality wallpaper application, carefully selected for you from the composition, crop size, and picture pixels, suitable for various types of screens, and chooses pictures that are really suitable for setting as wallpapers, as well as 360 panoramic VR wallpapers.

Candy Wallpaper (Candy) is a simple wallpaper application.

There are too many good-looking pictures, but good-looking does not mean that they are suitable for use as wallpapers. Candy only selects pictures that are really suitable for use as wallpapers for you.

Software function introduction
Update: 200+ HD wallpapers are updated every day, and the exquisite themes can be changed at will

Classification: detailed classification, quickly locate your preferred wallpapers

Search: intelligent search, easy search, personalized label intimate recommendation

Featured: Popular wallpapers not to be missed, tailored for Android, Pad

DIY: Free DIY wallpapers, make your own wallpapers, support one-click sharing on WeChat

Preview: Swipe left and right to quickly switch the preview, enjoy a full-screen visual feast without dead ends

Software Features Introduction
"What suits you is good"

Candy carefully selects the composition, crop size, and picture pixels for you, adapting to various models of screens, and everything only provides you with high-quality wallpapers that fit the screen.

"Customized Personalized Wallpaper"

Good-looking pictures are the same, and interesting wallpapers are one in a thousand. Featured Multiple Personalized Categories There is always one you want. More 360 ​​panoramic VR wallpapers, 3D dynamic wallpapers, transparent wallpapers, liquid wallpapers... will be launched one after another to make your mobile phone desktop unique.

"Intelligent Recommendation"

Through the intelligent recommendation algorithm, the pictures you are interested in are personalized and recommended according to your browsing records. Meet beauty, harvest good mood every day.

Software Highlights Introduction
1. The latest wallpaper is updated daily, you can change the wallpaper every day, and have a good mood every day;

2. Various types of wallpapers can be found quickly, whether they are cute, fresh or artistic, etc.;

3. One-key setting is also more convenient, and it can also be saved directly to the mobile phone, and the wallpaper quality is also very high.

4. There are still many styles of wallpapers, and you can find your favorite wallpapers at any time, and there will be different recommendations every day;

5. A large number of wallpaper labels, whether you like small and fresh, literary or artistic, or metal style are all here;

6. The wallpapers are all super clear, the quality of each one is great, and each one is beautiful, and can be set for free.

Introduction to software advantages
1. Interesting templates to customize your personalized wallpaper;

2. The wallpaper resources are updated every week to give you a variety of choices;

3. Support quick preview of lock screen and homepage for easy viewing;

4. Personalized wallpapers are the best for you.

5. A lot of beautiful pictures. Support category tag search

6. Daily real-time update of homepage recommendation

7. Support ultra-clear 4K wallpaper adaptation, support wallpaper collection and download

Software Features Introduction
Millions of high-definition wallpapers, synchronized with current hot spots;

Fresh online videos, enjoy happy time;

Smart and fun lock screen, stunning visual effects;

Cool live wallpaper, hundreds of animation effects.


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