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The latest version of funny avatar for Android

The latest version of funny avatar for Android

  • size: 9.73MB
  • platform: [Android]
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • type Theme
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-08-10 10:52:59


Fun Avatar, a very easy-to-use mobile phone fighting map software, there are a large number of expression packs waiting for you to use, here you can make your own avatar pendants, etc., Fun Avatar, make your life change More exciting, what are you waiting for, download it now!

Software introduction

Fun Play Avatar App is a very easy-to-use and easy-to-use avatar making software. There are a variety of avatar materials in the software. If users want to change their avatars at will, but can't find a good-looking avatar, you can come here to set them yourself. The software does not require users to be able to edit, and it is very simple to use. In the software, there are many types of avatars, including couple avatars, boys and girls avatars, WeChat avatars, anime avatars, and game avatars. There is always an avatar that users like. Moreover, users can also customize their favorite avatars. There are various popular sticker functions, allowing users to create more exciting avatars themselves. In the Android version of Fun Play Avatar, there are also various funny fun pictures and various fighting pictures expressions. With this software, users no longer have to worry about being expressionless when fighting pictures with friends. At the same time, a large number of avatars are updated in the software every day, and users can change new avatars every day.


Exquisite and high-definition avatar resource library, avatar represents your personality, young is to be cool. Come and customize your own avatar.

The pendant and stickers are so much fun, you start to dislike that your pictures are not good enough, don’t worry, there are a lot of high-quality high-quality avatar materials to help, love head, female head, male head, two-dimensional, animation,

Landscape, ancient style, ins style... Pick a beautiful material, DIY a cool pendant, and a unique avatar is born! That's right, you are the fun to attract the entire list

Avatar! Come and start your exclusive personalized dress up journey!

Feature Highlights

[Personalized Avatars] Selected several categories of avatars, such as couple avatars, boys avatars, girls avatars, WeChat avatars, anime avatars, etc., you can always find a personalized avatar that suits you.

[Customized avatar] You can add various popular stickers and other functions to the avatar. It is an exclusive avatar app for the post-90s and 00s. It is wonderful waiting for you to discover.

[Doutu Emoticon] The application contains various popular emoticons, popular Doutu chat emoticons, from now on WeChat, QQ chat Doutu, no longer have to worry about running out of pictures! Popular emojis are collected in one go,

It can also be shared or saved locally.

[Funny and interesting pictures] Select a variety of funny and popular gif animations, and make you happy for a moment of relaxation every day.


Lai Fun Play Avatar App changes beautiful avatars every day, and has a good mood every day!

The daily avatar software provides a large number of avatars for you to choose from, and can customize the featured avatars exclusively.

The avatar category of the fun avatar app includes girls, boys, couples, girlfriends, pets, anime, games, and landscapes. It will update you with daily avatars, popular recommendations, and make your image stand out.

Shine brightly in the online world.

There are a large number of beautiful avatars in the daily avatar software, and there are various categories.

If you don't know what to say, there are daily mood pictures on the Fun Play Avatar app for reference.

The most important thing is that the daily avatar software updates a large number of avatars every day, and all advertisements in the software have been removed.

Software advantage

【A large number of avatar materials for you to choose】

A large number of beautiful high-definition avatars, use the one you like!

[Customized exclusive avatar is up to you]

DIY your exclusive avatar, no longer have to worry about bumping into shirts!

[Automatically change the avatar, it is different every day]

The cool avatar automatically changes, allowing you to have a new avatar every day!

[Freedom Show Community Various Shows and Shows]

Users can freely post comments and likes, and make more fashionistas!



Version V1.1:

1. Added the function of favorite avatar.

2. Optimized the home page UI and the functions of the picture browsing page.


  • The latest version of funny avatar for Android
  • The latest version of funny avatar for Android
  • The latest version of funny avatar for Android