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Youshu app official download

Youshu app official download

  • size: 32.09MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 4.7.0
  • type: reading
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-02 17:55:29


The official Youshu app is a very powerful software that can read free novel resources at any time. The content of book resources in the software is very popular, and the online reading process is very pure. Users can choose what they are interested in to browse anytime, anywhere. There are any restrictions!

There are official features of the book app

1. You can also search on the homepage, which is a fast and convenient search function;

2. Rich reading resources, rich reading content, can be found by classification;

3. Have the best novel, what are you waiting for, please download and use it.

There is a book app official description

1. A very good software, everyone has a lot of resources, and the variety is very rich;

2. All original content is novel, free to read online, supports resource download, and is very convenient to watch;

3. Offline reading is also possible, the resource cache in the mobile phone can be viewed normally without the network;

4. The interface design is very new and simple, and the skin can be changed to give everyone the best experience.

There are official features of the book app

1. Provide many novels, the most complete novels, which can be read at any time;

2. Different types of novels can be found, fully cached, and offline reading is more convenient;

3. This is the purest reading environment, without advertisements, and you can watch wonderful content directly.

Youshu app official function

1. A very intelligent and resource-rich mobile online reading software;

2. The software has a large number of novels, information, comic resources that you want to read;

3. Support reading in multiple formats, TXT, PDF and other formats can be freely switched without pressure;

4. Support one-click sharing, register your own exclusive account, and share with friends quickly and easily with one-click.

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  • Youshu app official download
  • Youshu app official download
  • Youshu app official download