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The latest version of corn treasure

The latest version of corn treasure

  • size: 62.88MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.7.1
  • type: reading
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-02 16:33:51


The latest version of Maize Bao is a software for real-time release of personalized news. The software has a simple reading operation design and powerful online search function. With real-time hot news push, users can keep abreast of the latest local and even other local hot information at any time. practical!

The latest version of corn treasure features

1. The latest version of Corn Treasure is a corn industry service APP developed by Jilin Yucheng Network Technology Co., Ltd., with functions such as information, market analysis, and community;

2. The latest version of corn treasure information products are mainly used in grain trading enterprises, corn deep processing enterprises, feed enterprises, grain storage enterprises, etc.;

3. Provide users with important information on domestic and foreign corn markets, such as origin, sales areas, ports, etc.;

4. Comprehensive corn deep processing and corn industry chain related information and consulting services;

5. View futures and spot markets in real time, browse relevant information and market analysis reports.

Features of the latest version of Corn Treasure

1. The corn market analysis is very comprehensive, and the latest offline market can be quickly grasped;

2. Users can consult the latest production areas or markets at any time, so that corn can be sold at a reasonable price;

3. You can have a comprehensive and comprehensive understanding of the latest corn market prices and buy them at low prices.

The latest version of corn treasure

1. There is no need to say goodbye to the corner of the pop-up window, and the floating layer advertises to save traffic;

2. There is no content that is not interested in a bit of information, but only recommends relevant news and content for you. The longer you use a bit of information, the more you know about you;

3. The information with no noise and less repetitive information is processed by the big data algorithm of artificial intelligence technology to help you eliminate miscellaneous information, quality information, and recommend it for you.

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  • The latest version of corn treasure
  • The latest version of corn treasure
  • The latest version of corn treasure