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Read the latest version of the novel

Read the latest version of the novel

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  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-06 13:34:37


Read the latest version of the novel by Dianzhong Read it anytime, anywhere. It is a private and exclusive super practical and super exciting for novel reading lovers. Dianzhong read your handheld book chasing artifact to update in real time. There are many novels that are different every day, and you can't stop at all. There are all rejected books here to meet all your needs.

Dianzhong reading feature introduction

1. Personalized customization

The lock screen time can be changed arbitrarily, the page turning method can be changed arbitrarily, and automatic reading and brightness adjustment can be performed.

2. Lots of novels

Huge bookshelves with books, books and more. Covering super popular online novels, various lists, fine classification, male frequency and female frequency, intelligent recommendation, recommended books;

3. Invincible intelligent synchronization

Reading progress and notes can be saved intelligently and synchronously, and the replacement of devices can be seamlessly connected;

4. High-quality reading experience]

Support offline download, switch fonts, switch backgrounds, night mode, beautiful book cover, neat content layout, dozens of details to experience multiple care.

Dianzhong reading highlights introduction

1. The reading of the novel is very smooth, and the advertisement is not interrupted when reading, so that the user can read smoothly;

2. Without advertising, reading is faster and more comfortable. All kinds of wonderful novels, you can read them if you want, that is, you can finish them all at once;

3. Here you can find all kinds of wonderful novel users, giving users a great novel reader;

4. Read the powerful search engine, enter the corresponding keywords, users can find their favorite novels very quickly;

5. There are all kinds of novels here, and users of any wonderful novel can see it at a glance, which is very good;

6. The offline download of this novel allows users to read super fluently without a network and watch it anytime, anywhere.

Introduction to the advantages of Dianzhong reading

1. The theme of the novel is very unique, and the content of each novel has its own unique and amazing plot;

2. Users can see wonderful novels with different plots every day, and the reading experience of novels is better;

3. A variety of high-quality novel content can make users excited. Here, you can read all kinds of wonderful novels;

4. Find your favorite novels to read by classification, update them in real time every day, and bid farewell to the troubles of procrastination;

5. The list of popular novels, you can know what everyone is reading at a glance, wonderful novels will never let you miss;

6. A variety of wonderful novel resources, so that you can read as much as you like, and no longer have to worry about the shortage of books.

Dianzhong reading related recommendations

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Fiction Xiaoxiong's story txt download is an excellent and practical novel reading software. You can find everything you like here, and it is more convenient to find books with complete categories. Xiaoxiong's story has no advertising benefits. Permanent VIP can see what you want to read. All kinds of fine novels are read for free, so you don't have to worry about book shortages anymore. Xiaoxiong's story can be read anytime and anywhere you want, your palm book chasing artifact, wonderful every day.


  • Read the latest version of the novel
  • Read the latest version of the novel
  • Read the latest version of the novel
  • Read the latest version of the novel