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Onigiri reading app download and install the old version

Onigiri reading app download and install the old version

  • size: 16.65MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.12.7
  • type: reading
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-02 15:56:40


The old version of the rice ball reading app download and installs the old version, you can secretly hide under the desk and listen to the novel you know. Onigiri Reading Millions of books in various categories are all free to read, privately ordered to give you a comfortable reading experience, one-click search for selected books for you to choose, and private customization to give you the most comfortable reading experience. Onigiri Reading Books, Chasing Books on Your Hands Good times have different new surprises every day.

Onigiri Reading Features Introduction

1. High-definition settings: eye protection mode, simulation and other multi-page page-turning effects, custom reading settings, all help you;

2. Minimalist impression: the new card-style minimalist fashion secondary design, diversified layout, never tire of reading;

3. Update reminder: the books you are concerned about are updated in time, and hot reminders will fly to you immediately;

4. One-click book search: If you can't find the book, I'm afraid you won't tell us. One-click book search function, what you want to read is as simple as that;

5. Offline rejection: Onigiri reading novels ranked high in popularity and popularity, loved by readers, and were adapted by stars and colleagues, all of which were read offline.

Introduction to the highlights of rice ball reading

1. Covering the world, the library is getting wider and wider;

2. Local cache, which can be read offline;

3. Library recommendation, you can find books of interest according to the classification;

4, a variety of styles, color matching suitable for a variety of reading scenes;

5. Ultra-small Apk can be updated with confidence under mobile traffic.

Introduction to the advantages of reading a book on rice balls

1. Intimate and exclusive bookshelf

The update reminder does not miss a chapter or a section;

2. Massive novel classification

Massive classified novels, no shortage of books;

3. Sources of high-quality books on the Internet

Various book sources, no worries about chasing books;

4. Book details page

A concise and refined introduction to the book;

5. Powerful intelligent search

Thousands of novels on the entire network are under control.

Recommendations related to onigiri reading books

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  • Onigiri reading app download and install the old version
  • Onigiri reading app download and install the old version
  • Onigiri reading app download and install the old version
  • Onigiri reading app download and install the old version