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Dubbing Artifact Free Edition

Dubbing Artifact Free Edition

  • size: 35.7MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: v2.0.29
  • type: Common tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-11-12 01:21:05


Dubbing Artifact Free Software Introduction

Dubbing Artifact Free Edition is a powerful, easy-to-operate software that allows you to easily dub. Here you can add all kinds of interesting sound effects to your videos, but there are also a variety of templates for the production of all lovely sounds. Let you use, support speech synthesis, separation, etc., suitable for businessmen or promotion, also has voice function, very practical.

Dubbing Artifact Free Edition Software Description

Dubbing Artifact Free Edition provides free voice: all voice content, a key free export to USB, loop, simple operation, voice, a key export mp3, simple and efficient, rich material: sample document template quality , a good background music, create your own sound effects.

Dubbing Artifact Free Edition Software Features

1. Propaganda: corporate feature films, advertisements, engineering tenders and other explanations for advertising dubbing, audio reading: novels, fairy tales, magazines, books, etc., let your personality listen.

2. Record teaching: teaching materials, electronic dictionaries, electronic books and other teaching content recordings, voice prompts: anti-theft and alarm, vehicle navigation system.

Dubbing Artifact Free Edition Software Highlights

1. The free version of Dubbing Artifact provides users with good and high-quality services, and the free version of Dubbing Artifact allows every user to obtain the best and most comfortable experience in the software.

2. A very easy-to-use voice editing mobile software, this software can help you complete a lot of dubbing services, where you can output audio dubbing files through text.

Dubbing Artifact Free Software Update

1. Fixed bugs and optimized some interactive experience

2. Optimize the stability of the program and make it more smooth

3. Adjusted some page layouts to make the interface more clean and beautiful

4. New modules


  • Dubbing Artifact Free Edition
  • Dubbing Artifact Free Edition