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Chuang San Guo welfare Edition

Chuang San Guo welfare Edition

  • size: 49.20M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type STRATEGY
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-03 12:35:07


Throwing money into the Three Kingdoms welfare version is a very interesting Three Kingdoms Theme leisure game. In this game, players will start a very exciting adventure in this war-torn Three Kingdoms world, and can also change the way of fighting by combining different teams to make their fighting more powerful. Players who like this three kingdoms Theme game must not miss it!

Introduction to throwing money into the Three Kingdoms game

The general trend of the world is to divide as long as it is united. In the late Han Dynasty, disputes continued, and the heroes rose together.

Local tyrants and powers attacked cities and occupied territories respectively. Only by conquering more cities and bringing considerable benefits through them can we be qualified to be king with sufficient troops and food.

In the turbulent times of the Three Kingdoms, the war was in chaos, and thirty-six strategies were used. You need to be careful on the March. Every step is like walking on thin ice in order to be invincible.

Here, you can make friends with different snobbish Lords. In order to make friends with different snobbish lords in the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms, you can recruit people to develop your strength secretly.

From visiting the famous generals of the Three Kingdoms who are good at fighting to the wise men of the Three Kingdoms who go to seek talents in the mountains and forests and live in seclusion. Zhugeliang in literature and Guan Yunchang in martial arts are all up to you!

Now with complete armaments, sufficient funds, and high morale of all soldiers, unification of the three countries is no longer a dream. Are you willing to try?

Throwing money into the Three Kingdoms game features

Many characters with different personalities and unique skills are available for players to choose. According to the different types of characters, peace loving players can choose strategic characters to operate and buy land, and players who like fighting can choose combat characters to build barracks and grab land frantically. The story mode is easy to use, and the multiplayer mode strategy is rich and deep.

This is a leisure strategy game with rich content, novel playing methods and great fun. The operation is very simple, but if you learn to use strategies, you can turn the situation around with a small fight. It is suitable for men, women and children to have fun anytime and anywhere.

Throw money into the highlights of the Three Kingdoms game

It is impossible to develop the economy of cities. As long as there is endless gold, there will be finished grain;

This means that more people will come to you, and a strong economic system is the root of everything.

And here you must form your own lineup, arrange troops, and give full play to your strongest combat strength;

Of course, the classic Three Kingdoms battle scene will also appear in it, and you can operate it with familiarity.

Throwing money into the Three Kingdoms game description

More than 100 famous generals and beauties of the three countries came on stage together. Players are free to recruit favorite characters and form fetters with them;

Each role has a set of exclusive skills, which can be combined into a reasonable and powerful lineup according to its characteristics and positioning;

Rich pve/pvp playing methods, accept various types of challenges, and write your legend;

It can be used when it's your turn. The card effect includes specifying the number of action steps, causing trouble to the opponent, etc.

Throwing money into the Three Kingdoms game

Personal mode: single player matching, real-time battle with other players

Team mode: you can team up with your friends to play games, but the function is still under development. Please pay attention to our update announcement

Duel Mode: duel is a characteristic game. The duel mode is randomly filled with cards and evenly distributed land. It is suitable for players who like fierce fighting

Custom games: No points, less rewards, and no rewards for joining the computer

Spend money to break into the Three Kingdoms Xiaobian evaluation

The overall experience of throwing money into the Three Kingdoms game is also quite good. Players can feel the very refreshing battle of the Three Kingdoms, and the content is quite diverse. Players who like the Three Kingdoms Theme games come and experience it! There are many benefits waiting for you to experience!


  • Chuang San Guo welfare Edition
  • Chuang San Guo welfare Edition
  • Chuang San Guo welfare Edition
  • Chuang San Guo welfare Edition