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Bounty Three Kingdoms

Bounty Three Kingdoms

  • size: 72.66M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.357.340
  • type STRATEGY
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-06 10:18:16


Bounty Three Kingdoms free version is a very fun Three Kingdoms cartoon 3D game. This game can give you a very rich leisure experience. This game is officially promised to have no advertising and no recharge entry. It's really a free game. You can send Yuanbao directly when you go online, so that you can better complete the career of the Three Kingdoms. All kinds of recommendation codes, gift bag codes, and novice strategies are inthe article.
Introduction to Bounty Three Kingdoms

In this game, you can summon various generals of the Three Kingdoms and complete the rewards.

There are not only more generals of the Three Kingdoms, but also the most classic battles.

There are various ways to play, such as tower climbing, daily, competitive, dungeon, etc.


Bounty Three Kingdoms Free Game Features

The difficulty factor of the game is not high, the experience is also very easy, and it is full of fun to play.

Novel and interesting game system, each game level is also very interesting, which will bring players a new experience.

It gives people a very comfortable feeling, the screen is just right, and the experience of the game is very comfortable.

The top strategy Three Kingdoms turn-based fierce battle mobile game unfolds for you, and the diverse gameplay and modes will fascinate you.

The exclusive game battlefield can give you more colors, constantly improve your operation in the battle, and see who is the winner.

There are also a lot of powerful pets to fight with you, showing your abilities in the fantasy world.


Latest gift code

①VIP5000 (VIP letters should be capitalized, you can get 5000 ingots)

②757 (recommended code, you can get a set of fairy and artifact equipment)

③Enter the official group of the game (receive 16480 ingots)


Bounty Three Kingdoms Novice Guide

1. To exchange ingots with the exchange code, first click on the [Official Position] target Sima. At this stage, the ingots are not enough for state shepherds. Depends on individual abilities and trade-offs!

2. The upgrade is mainly experience!!! The only way to get it is [Main Quest] and [Event]. The task of the game is that it is very convenient to find it automatically. Note: The main line will have level restrictions to a certain extent, and it needs to be upgraded through activities to reach the task threshold. However, "card level" is required here. For example, the mainline limit is triggered at level 30 but it has not been reached, then you have to do activities to level 30 and continue the mainline quest. "Card level" is (just meet the needs), otherwise the experience will not be enough after the activity is completed!!!

3. The number of events is limited! Challenge God will be 10 times, and there is no "experience, item" reward for completion. (That is, 10w experience for one star, 40w for Samsung) No matter how many stars you reach the limit, there is no reward.

4. Siege War (Inner and Outer Cities)
Inner City: First upgrade the [Main City] level to lay the foundation. For example, the main city is level 0, and the rest cannot be upgraded. If the main city is level 3, the rest can reach level 3.

Outer City: Send military generals to collect material resources!!! The more soldiers and generals you send, the more you will gain.
5. Join the gang as soon as possible! There is also the target "Da Sima", after all, you can complete the task with one click!!!

Bounty Three Kingdoms Free Edition Review

Bounty Three Kingdoms Free Edition is a very fun cartoon game of the Three Kingdoms. This game summons various Three Kingdoms characters to take an adventure. It is a real free game, and there is no recharge entrance. There are ingots directly online, there are no advertisements, and it is very pure.


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