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magic baby

magic baby

  • size: 1.75G
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0.26.3
  • type role play
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 17:28:46


[Magic Baby Nostalgic Edition 2021] Magic Baby is a fairly classic game IP, and now a brand new mobile game has been launched, but for those players who miss the previous classic content, they have now opened a nostalgic server, where they can feel the touch of the past, little The editor brings you the latest 2021 nostalgic server client. If you like it, download it and experience it!

magic baby

Introduction to Magic Baby
1. Explore the fantasy adventure continent, experience wonderful stories and exciting plots, you will be able to grow and upgrade to save the alien continent.

2. Exciting fighting process and exciting cool skills, different combinations and matching allow you to easily solve more enemies in the battle.

3. The strategic turn game will test your wits and tactics. Different pet races allow you to easily stop your enemies from winning.

4. Try this classic nostalgic game to understand the mysteries of swords and magic, and feel the process of fantasy exploration and adventure.

5. Warm Japanese painting style, creating an immersive experience, novel painting quality, showing you a new smooth adventure mode.

6. Challenges of passionate competitive games, exciting battles and adventures, and more activities and game modes to enjoy.

Magic Baby Highlights
1. Q cute shape, change at will

Characters change color, change freely, and create a personalized appearance! Stunning wing shapes and cool mounts will bring you to a new height!

2. Cool mounts, cute pets and dragons

The best means of transportation in Flange City! Valkyrie Turtle, Patronus Sheep, Silver Moon Wolf Rider, Thunder Lion King, and a variety of mounts for you to choose from! There are also a variety of cute pets and dragons to accompany you every day!

3, camp PK, dare to challenge

Fighting in the wild, passionate confrontation! Two camps, the fire of war is ignited! The battle barrage, the gods complain anytime and anywhere! A variety of super cool PK gameplay, have a good battle!

Magic Baby Nostalgic Edition 2021 Features
The new nostalgic version brings a lot of content from the classic version, and now it can be easily played on mobile phones, which is still very good.

Players can also experience those very classic dungeons and plots here. It can be said that this time the nostalgic server is really very conscientious.

It greatly enhances the picture of the game. After all, the classic gameplay can be inherited. Forget the mosaic picture.

Magic baby editor review
The game Magic Baby really evokes memories of the editor. I used to have adventures with my friends in the world of Magic Baby, and now I can continue on the mobile phone. It is really good news for us old players. , I highly recommend everyone to experience it!


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