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Sakura Campus Simulator

Sakura Campus Simulator

  • size: 145.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.037.01
  • type role play
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 15:13:55


Sakura Campus Simulator March 2021 Update is a very fun campus simulation game. The editor is here to bring you the latest version updated in mid-March 2021. The new version introduces a number of new NPC characters. The content of the new semester has also been opened, which can be regarded as a major version update. If you like it, come and experience it!

Features of Sakura Campus Simulator
1. The introduction of a modern high school life situation can greatly improve your experience.

2. There are still many fun things that can be achieved here, returning to youth and youth, wandering in the school.

3. High school life is always memorable, and now you can really feel it.

Sakura Campus Simulator Highlights
1. Realistically restore campus life, learn all kinds of different information, and feel the fun of competitive games.

2. The fingertips interact and operate smoothly, all kinds of dressing and dressing make you very excited, and you can also learn various makeup skills.

3. Sandbox-type gameplay, you can choose from various styles of girl characters, making you feel different game fun.

Sakura campus simulator gameplay
1. I believe you will meet new people here, have fun with them, and have more adventures and interactions.

2. The game can bring more interesting campus life to each player, and start your romantic life from here.

3. With the end of various challenging tasks, you will experience the fun of campus life in the game and bring you happy challenges.

Sakura Campus Simulator March 2021 Update Content
The story of the third semester is officially unlocked in the new version, and players can enter a new map to start exploring, including the science building and swimming pool.

Added new NPC characters, there are three in total, which can be unlocked through the plot and the content of these three characters, the game content is more abundant.

In terms of clothing, a lot of new content has been added, and players can also use a lot of new props in the game.

Sakura Campus Simulator Xiaobian Evaluation
The game Sakura Campus Simulator can be said to be an evergreen tree in the current mobile game market. Every update has a lot of content and brings a lot of new experiences to players. This is still very good. I like it. Players of this game, hurry up to update the latest version!


  • Sakura Campus Simulator
  • Sakura Campus Simulator
  • Sakura Campus Simulator
  • Sakura Campus Simulator