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Dragon Quest Monster Party

Dragon Quest Monster Party

  • size: 67.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v3.4.11
  • type role play
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 13:48:50


Dragon Quest Monster Carnival Day Service is a Japanese national-level RPG game Dragon Quest's latest derivative mobile game. In this game, players will experience a very good adventure gameplay. The editor brings you 2021 The latest version of the Japanese server game in 2018, players will enter the original Dragon Quest world to start your story!

Dragon Quest Monster Party

Description of Dragon Quest Monster Carnival Party Game
Save the world with slime!

The "Dragon Quest" series works once again, calling on adventurers to join!

Familiar monsters will appear in large numbers!

Click or grab monsters to fight easily!

Form your own monster team and enjoy the party!

Enjoy the original story and enter the new world of Dragon Quest!

dragon quest monster carnival party game story
A country boy who aspires to become a caravan master.

By chance one day, he helped the attacked carriage caravan.

Embark on the journey of a caravan master!

Under the will of the King of Dreams, the young man set out to find the ancient witch.

Waiting for him ahead of the journey, will it be...?

Dragon Quest Monster Carnival Day Service Advantages
Although this game has a traditional Chinese server, the update is really slow, and now many players have switched to the Japanese server.

The Japanese server has more than a year of updated content ahead of the Taiwan server, and there are many activities, and the number of players has remained at a considerable number.

Xiaobian actually measured that this game can be easily played even without an accelerator, and it is very good that you don’t need to charge the accelerator every month.

Dragon Quest Monster Party

Dragon Quest Monster Carnival Party Game Features
1. Combining exquisite animations with rich characters to compose chapters and chapters of wonderful plots

2. Up to four people can join each battle, call your friends to open the black together, and share the joy of victory

3. More exciting gameplays are waiting for you to experience

4. Although the battle screen is a bit violent, the characters in the Q version are not too fierce~ they are more cute.

Dragon Quest Monster Carnival Xiaobian Review
Dragon Quest Monster Carnival is a game that has been online for a long time, but its popularity in Japan has not diminished. After all, it is also a Japanese national-level RPG game, and various linkage activities cannot be stopped. The editor recommends everyone to play the Japanese server. Although the game is in Japanese, it basically does not affect the game experience.


  • Dragon Quest Monster Party
  • Dragon Quest Monster Party
  • Dragon Quest Monster Party