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Realparking2Chinese version

Realparking2Chinese version

  • size: 119.56MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.06
  • type RACING
  • language: Simplified Chinese
  • time: 2020-11-05 12:46:27


Realparking2 is a very interesting mobile racing game with very delicate graphics. In this Realparking2 racer, there are a lot of cool cars for players to use. There are also various tracks in the game. players hurry up and download it!


Realparking2Chinese version of the game features

1. Actually, as long as you like it, the final experience for everyone will be very good.

       2. Enjoy, in fact, everyone's feelings will get the best results in the game.

       3. Fully show how you operate to get all the highlights of the game.

Realparking2Chinese version of the game highlights

1. Players can use multiple perspectives, adding functions such as body manipulation, steering wheel and tilt collection;

       2. In the game, you can learn multiple lights, improve your understanding of traffic laws, and complete a parking qualification test;

       3. You can customize the shape of the car and decals, collect various vehicles, fill the garage and detail the environmental impact.

Realparking2Chinese version of the game review

Hello, you will learn important things to know about transport and will need to go through some steps to complete the qualifying exam! So choose one of these super real cars and start enjoying the unique qualities!

Realparking2editorial summary

The above is the detailed introduction of the game Realparking2 brought to you by the editor. This game has designed many kinds of gameplay. In this Realparking2 mobile game, players can experience the best racing driving experience. It allows players to experience absolute speed and passion. The real terrain in the game will bring players a more exciting gaming experience. Come and download it!


  • Realparking2Chinese version
  • Realparking2Chinese version
  • Realparking2Chinese version
  • Realparking2Chinese version