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phantom car god

phantom car god

  • size: 34.05MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.4
  • type RACING
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2019-10-24 16:34:21


Phantom Car God is an online racing car parkour game, drive your car to gallop on the track, various fancy drifting, cornering at extreme speed, throwing off opponents, and of course, be careful of obstacles on the road... Who is it? Is the real car god, pull your friends to play together!

Phantom car god game introduction
The Phantom Car God game is a very fun racing mobile game. In this Phantom Car God, you can experience very real speed and passion. The car is a symbol of romance. There are many Phantom Car Gods. There are different types of cars, there are sports cars with speed, and there are motorcycles that symbolize this elegant, let's experience this phantom car god together!

Phantom car god game features
1. Made in a very simple 2D cartoon style, there are many cars with different appearances waiting for you to buy and unlock.

2. The control method is also very easy to use. Extend your finger and slide the screen to control the free steering of the vehicle.

3. Numerous well-set tracks, high-quality trophies that can only be obtained by constantly breaking through and getting high scores.

Phantom Car God Game Highlights
1. The style of animation cartoon is full of infinite passion;

2. Show off the crazy racing on the winding track;

3. Up to 30 personalized luxury racing cars bring refreshing driving feeling;

4. Conduct global ranking matches and compete with many players.

Phantom car god gameplay
1. Each dazzling car has its own powerful engine, which can be assembled freely.

2. It can be easily challenged after the sky is online, and the perspective adopts the perspective of God.

3. The details of every drift in the game and the rewards for qualifying are designed very clearly!


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