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Sonic Kart

Sonic Kart

  • size: 20.77MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.3
  • type RACING
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-06 10:32:13


Sonic Kart Game is a very fun racing mobile game. The game adopts a horizontal screen, cartoon-style game design, and easy decompression gameplay. Players need to control their own kart, drive on rough roads, cross various obstacles and traps, and reach the destination to successfully pass the level.

game video

Game details
Just like paradise, the forest has fairy air to show your jump surfing, shooting and ice skating skills to collect the highest coins to level up.

Sprint for endless gameplay and pick up special items for free dash that must not be missed, enjoy high-quality graphics and exciting music, and go race against dark forces of evil, guaranteed fun.

1. The player must help the hedgehog to save his friend Tirus from the sprinting evil witch Red Princess;

2. The witch will send evil flowers to stop our hedgehog;

3. Players can jump, run, swim, fight, and launch sensitive waves and bombs;

4. Use your super jumps and powerful runs to avoid the jungle obstacles;

5. Sonic kart game, I believe players will be addicted to this super flying game.

Game Features
1. Super-exquisite animation and cartoon pictures, a realistic handheld racing experience;

2. Join Sonic and participate in challenging racing competitions;

3. After obtaining random items on the way, you can attack the opponent in front of you.


  • Sonic Kart
  • Sonic Kart
  • Sonic Kart
  • Sonic Kart