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miracle farmer

miracle farmer

  • size: 25.20M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.1
  • type EMULATORS
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-02 16:02:17


Miracle Farmer Red Packet Edition is a very fun business game. The gameplay is a bit similar to the super classic Happy Farm. Players need to manage their own farms, grow vegetables and fruits, and take good care of them. There are many tasks in the game. As long as you can complete it, you will be rewarded with red envelopes. The benefits are quite generous. Come download and experience it!

Note: The game installation package is called Miracle Farmer, which contains the content of the red envelope!

How to play miracle farmer
1. Breeding is played with planting vegetables. It is also an open space, and then select animals;

2. Animals are mainly fed. When planting vegetables, you can choose to plant according to the needs of animals;

3. Make your farm more prosperous, open your farm in advance, all animals can be fed and grown.

Wonder Farmer Game Highlights
1. Cartoon cute game style, the images of cute animals in Q version will be presented in front of your eyes;

2. This game does not require any challenges, just use your finger to tap a little level to experience the fun of making money;

3. Earn more gold coins to upgrade your farm, and expand the scale of your farm to raise more animals.

Miracle Farmer Red Packet Advantages
The crops here are diverse and can increase your yields in many ways, as well as expand the size of the land;

Carry out diligent wasteland reclamation, and you can get rich gold coins by accumulating small amounts of money, and the system will automatically acquire all farmed things;

Complete a lot of interesting tasks, and if you want to get more income from the farm, you must improve your farming level.

This game can be freely exchanged for red envelopes, and you will receive a 20 yuan red envelope when you sign in and register.

Miracle Farmer Game Guide
If you want to make money quickly, don’t exchange the gold coins you obtained in the early stage for red envelopes, but directly buy the small animals you breed to expand the business scope of your farm.

Allow your farm to include more species, and the price of each animal sold is related to its rarity and quality,

When your farm expands to a certain range, the number of gold coins you sell each time will be greatly increased, and of course the maturity period will also be shortened.

Miracle Farmer Editor's Review
The game of Miracle Farmer is still very satisfying and very interesting. I personally recommend everyone to experience this very fun game. It is easy and simple to get started, and there are a lot of red envelopes to receive. Friends must not miss it!


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