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Undersea hunt full version

Undersea hunt full version

  • size: 60.76M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v3.1
  • type EMULATORS
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-06 10:00:25


The full version of Undersea Hunting is a very fun game in the deep sea world. In this game, you can use all kinds of undersea killers to prey on the seabed. The game version has been Chinese-Chinese, which can make you better Experience, the mobile version can also experience the complete game content. Comes with various tips.

Undersea hunt full version

Introduction to Undersea Hunting

Whether the dark seabed can become the strongest creature depends on your operation.

Piranhas, sharks, whales, etc., you can choose to use them.

Come and complete your dream of the strongest overlord and get more experience.

Undersea hunt full version

Undersea Hunting Full Version Game Features

The game of underwater hunting is simple and clear

rich variety of aquatic fish

Realistic ocean underwater environment

More fun maps and fish and prehistoric creatures are gradually added.

Undersea hunt full version

Highlights of the full version of Undersea Hunting

Undersea Hunting is an ocean simulator game with beautiful pictures. Players can control all kinds of small fish in the ocean, such as prehistoric demonized green piranhas, killer whales, humpback whales, great white sharks, hammer sharks and many other fishes through constant hunting. The other small fish get food, and it's up to you whether to eat or dominate the water world.

The undersea hunting game is simple and easy to control. The map has deep seas with many fish, estuaries with abundant resources and food, and death swamps with harsh living environment. Players can play as a fish to swim freely in the water and hunt other creatures. Replenish energy and gain growth. The operation of the underwater hunt is simple, and the sharks can be controlled to perform actions such as retreating, advancing, biting, swallowing, sprinting, and so on. Players can fully explore and experience the beautiful and dangerous underwater world.

The map of the estuary area of ​​the seabed hunt is the intersection of the ocean and the river continent. It has the same narrow space and high risk factor as the swamp area, while the ocean map has large scenes and diverse topography. It is a favorite habitat for all kinds of fish, so here The fighting scene was the most intense and spectacular, and of course the food was the most abundant. There are many kinds of peculiar fish and underwater landscape waiting for you to experience and discover.

Undersea hunt full version

Operation Raiders of Undersea Hunting
Push the joystick forward, pull forward and backward

Touch left and right swipe up and down to rotate the 3D perspective

Right virtual key operation sprint, bite, swallow

Before and after the mobile version of the big hunt under the sea
At the beginning of the game, there will be a large number of partners beside Xiaoyuer, and they will be dispatched in groups to ensure their own safety, but often they will not be able to grab the meat.

The hunting target should be located on earthworms, crayfish, crabs, shells, and starfish, because these prey are usually not aggressive, only crayfish and crabs will make a slight resistance, as long as you bite them, they can hardly be injured with pliers. your turn.

The experience of these foods is of course not as good as a piece of fish, but it adds up, and it is also good as an upgrade ration in the early stage. The small fish must be upgraded as soon as possible in the early stage. As long as the level exceeds the general level of similar fish, the same type of fish will follow you for food. Only then did you begin to lead the fleet.

When the level exceeds level 5, your body size will naturally increase with the level. The tunnels and seabeds that were able to enter smoothly in the past are now more difficult for you to enter, let alone hunting.

In the mid-term, you have to get used to hunting in groups, or stealing a piece of fish from other fish. It is not impossible to hunt alone, but the efficiency is low, and most of the prey are hidden, you have to use the guise. The hands of others will drive out the fish in the hiding place, and you will chase and hunt them down.

In the later stage, everyone's power has been raised to the extreme, and if you want to obtain a stronger promotion, there are two ways, one is to form a group, and the other is to buy new fish.

7 In general, the role of upgrading in the later stage is only to exchange for gold coins, and there is no need to eat small animals. Small fish rely on cooperation, and large fish rely on sneak attacks or one-on-one battles to win.

Undersea hunt full version

Undersea Hunting full version review

The full version of Undersea Hunting is a game that has been very popular in the terminal game. Now the genuine mobile game is finally released. It is very fun. Except for the different operation methods, everything else is very complete.


  • Undersea hunt full version
  • Undersea hunt full version
  • Undersea hunt full version
  • Undersea hunt full version
  • Undersea hunt full version