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Parkour Simulator 3D

Parkour Simulator 3D

  • size: 32M
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 3.2
  • type EMULATORS
  • language: English
  • time: 2022-08-16 15:36:43


Parkour Simulator 3D is, as the name suggests, a 3D parkour game. This means that you can run, jump and roll through dozens of urban environments. Your goal is usually to pass all the checkpoints in each stage before the time runs out.

The controls in Parkour Simulator 3D are cool and intuitive. On the left side of the screen, you have virtual motion controls, while on the right side, you can move the camera to keep an eye on your character. On the right side, you also have buttons for jumping and rolling on the ground.

When you start playing Parkour Simulator 3D, you only have one athlete to choose from, one scene. That said, as you play and complete stages, you can unlock lots of extra content such as new athletes and scenes.

Parkour Simulator 3D is a fun parkour game with good graphics and lots of content. The game also allows you to run freely through huge scenes. This gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with it before moving on to more complex challenges.


  • Parkour Simulator 3D
  • Parkour Simulator 3D