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music ball

music ball

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  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.0
  • type Dance music
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2019-09-12 10:18:08


"Yinyue Ball" is a music game with PVP matchmaking competition, which allows you to make friends who like music in the game. There are many unexpected songs in the game, and there are also Divine Comedy in Douyin~ This one The game is really magical, it will definitely make you like it, if you don't believe it, download it and see~

Game Introduction
"Sonic Ball" is a magical brainwashing music game. Genuine music authorization, all free to play; fresh and dreamy painting style, more challenging modes such as PVP matching competition, and competing with millions of music talents for the song king. One-finger touch to get started in one second, and quickly embark on the journey of sound "jump" with the quirky balls!

game introduction
"Sound Leaping Ball" is a casual rhythm game with music gameplay. It has been very popular on Douyin recently. This is the Android version of the game, which is suitable for Android mobile phones to download and install. In the game, players need to tap the screen according to the rhythm of the music, let your music ball jump, and quickly bounce on the corresponding building, you can get the corresponding score. Put on the headset, open the game, and be in a fantasy world for a second. There are a lot of hot TikTok Divine Comedies, tap the screen with your fingers to the rhythm of the music, and embark on a wonderful musical journey with the quirky balls!

Game Features
[Full collection of genuine Divine Comedy]

Sincere dedication: a feast of Divine Comedy that you may not expect, easy to play.

[The painting style is beautiful and the scene is dreamy]

Sophisticated production: a wonderful and fantastic sound "jump" journey, one leap to a world.

【One-finger touch one second to get started】

Simple operation: a magical experience that shakes with the beat and can't stop.

【PVP match】

Competitive unlock: a competition of hand speed and pitch, and compete with millions of musicians for the song king!

Tap the screen according to the rhythm of the music to make your music ball jump;

Quickly bounce on the corresponding various buildings and houses, you can get the corresponding score;

You need to grasp the timing of the jump, and the perfect timing can get continuous high scores;

It is carried out in the way of passing through the customs. Only when the score reaches a certain level of debriefing can the customs be cleared;

Game evaluation
1. The game has added a lot of music elements of popular classics and other songs;

2. And a very simple and comfortable background, the ball jumping with special effects;

3. It is very easy to play as a whole, and leisure is suitable for killing time;


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