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Sonic Lightsaber Mobile Version

Sonic Lightsaber Mobile Version

  • size: 0KB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: 1.0
  • type Dance music
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-09-01 13:52:56


The sonic lightsaber game is a classic mobile game that follows the rhythm of music. The layout of the screen scenes in the game is the most high-definition and the most exquisite, and the gameplay is innovative VR gameplay, so players will experience it when they experience it. It feels very fresh, so friends who like it quickly make an appointment to download it!

Sonic Lightsaber Game Review
1. The emergence of rhythmic lightsabers is a special attempt and a theoretical breakthrough.

2. The combination of grim slashing and musical rhythm brings unparalleled clarity in an easy-to-understand mechanism that makes the performance of each piece unique.

Sonic lightsaber gameplay
1. According to the rhythm of the music, distinguish the oncoming music

2. Each node has powerful sound and visual effects to emphasize the rhythm

3. It gives full play to the advantages of VR equipment and brings players a feeling of double blows both physically and mentally

4. Our goal is to make the player dance almost while cutting cubes and avoiding obstacles

Sonic Lightsaber Game Features
1. Excellent exercise: Work out and cut beat rhythm while dancing, Beat Saber can make you move

2. Challenging workouts: Do better every day while meeting activity goals and challenges

3. Feel the beat: Immerse yourself in the truly unique gameplay of Beat Saber with the smoothest musical beats and visuals

4. Easy to learn and easy to master: Everyone can understand the basic game mechanics. Anyone can easily answer and play the game

5. Handcrafted levels and music: Unlike other rhythm games with generated content, the in-game music and levels are precisely hand-painted to enhance the musical experience

6. The Chinese download game of rhythm lightsaber is very interesting, come and download it!


  • Sonic Lightsaber Mobile Version
  • Sonic Lightsaber Mobile Version
  • Sonic Lightsaber Mobile Version
  • Sonic Lightsaber Mobile Version