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Four person city racing car

Four person city racing car

  • size: 127.03M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0
  • type athletic sports
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-01 13:36:57


Four people city racing is a very interesting game of city racing. In this game, we drive all kinds of stunt City racing to complete the driving. The perfect competition brings you endless driving experience. Experience the fun of driving competitive racing with four people.

Four person city racing car

Introduction to four person city racing

This game can give you a very interesting and exciting driving experience.

There are so many city cross-country racing cars that you can drive. Let's choose what you like.

Complete more tasks and challenges, and experience the feeling of flying cars in the city.

Four people city racing game features

This four wheeled motorcycle racing game will test your four wheeled motorcycle driving skills and provide some amazing 3D graphics.

Driving several super four wheeled motorcycles on urban roads.

Perform some amazing four wheeled motorcycle skills while completing the task in your hand, and complete the level.

Show your skills at an easy to difficult level, which puts you to the test.

And some extreme four-wheel motorcycle riding skills will need to control the four-wheel motorcycle without crashing.

Introduction to four person city racing driving

Build a 3D engine to restore the real feeling of the stadium, participate in the game and get high returns;

Players can freely use their imagination in the game. There are too many cars waiting for players to choose in the game, and they can also refit their own cars;

Athletes refit their cars from time to time in order to reach the finish line on the track faster.

Excellent physical collision effect will cause vibration of mobile phone and screen, which is difficult to control;

There are 16 players participating in each competition, and corresponding strategies should be adopted to ensure the ranking;

Accurate aiming should be considered in the process of rapid movement, and picking up props can obtain additional state machine bonus.

Comments on four person city racing

Four people city racing is a very fun game to drive city racing. You can enjoy all kinds of competitive fun. Come to the city and enjoy flying, giving you a super exciting driving experience.


  • Four person city racing car
  • Four person city racing car
  • Four person city racing car