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Real racing 3 official version

Real racing 3 official version

  • size: 46.50M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v9.5.0
  • type athletic sports
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-04-02 09:35:00


Real racing 3 is a racing game launched by American Electronic Arts. Like its name, this game focuses on reality. Players can experience ultra-high definition realistic pictures and very real physical engines here, so that players can feel a super immersive racing experience. The properties of various vehicles in the game are still quite satisfactory. Come and experience it!


Introduction to real racing 3

"Real racing 3" is an award-winning series of games that set a new standard for action racing games.

With more than 500million downloads, "real racing 3" provides official authorization, 40 tracks located in 19 real locations, which can allow 43 cars to race at high speed on the track, and more than 250 vehicles with exquisite and vivid details from top automakers (such as Porsche, Bugatti, Aston Martin and Audi). Plus real-time multiplayer games, social leaderboards, dedicated to Formula 1 ® Grand Prix ™ The center, tournament, time trial, night competition, and the innovative delayed multiplayer game (TSM) technology enable you to compete with anyone at any time.

This is a game with very high-quality visual effects, which requires more resources. Please ensure that your device has at least 2.5Gb of free space.


Real racing 3 game features

Real vehicle

Drive more than 250 vehicles from famous car manufacturers such as Ford, Aston Martin, McLaren, Koenigsegg and Pagani.

Real track

Race on 19 real tracks from world-renowned locations with a variety of settings, including Silverstone, Hockenheimring, Le Mans, Dubai autodrome, Yas marina, tracks in the United States and more.

Real people

Compete with friends and rivals in the global 8-person cross platform real-time racing. Or by "delayed multiplayer game" into any game, challenge their separation controlled by artificial intelligence.

More choices beyond the past

Racing in more than 4.000 events, including formula 1 ® Grands Prix ™、 Cup, knockout and endurance challenge. Observe the racing scene from various camera perspectives, and adjust the head up display and fine tune the control mode according to your personal preferences.

First class racing experience

In famous MINT ™ With the technical support of the 3 engine, "real racing 3" has brought delicate vehicle damage, fully functional rear-view mirrors and dynamic reflection, providing a real high-quality racing experience.

How to change the picture quality of real racing 3
1. Open the file manager

Enter the Android system data folder in the sd card, then follow this path to open Android/data/com.ea.games.r3_na/files/apk/res, then find the eds folder and copy it

2. Find hidden files

Open the "Hidden Files" option from the settings, then you will see a folder called .depot, paste the folder into .depot

Open eds in .depot and you will see a bunch of files with .plaits suffix.

3. How to edit

Take a look at the picture quality you originally used, for example, the Xiaomi Black Shark used by the editor. The picture quality I used originally was AndroidHigh.plist. If I want to change the picture quality, I will delete the original AndroidHigh.plist. Just change the name of any file in other eds to AndroidHigh.plist.

4. Apple Devices

The same is true for Apple, except that the prefix is ​​not Android, but the image quality of iPad or iPhone. Android's image quality is divided into four grades: low, mid, high, and high. -10 top ten grades, iPods are also graded, and there is a Simit (personally recommend not to use it, the top mobile phone can't be used)

The picture quality can be changed at will, Android uses Apple picture quality, Apple uses Android picture quality is OK

5. Friendly reminder

The above method is a general method. Different program errors may occur on different mobile phones, such as flashing back to a black screen, etc. You need to consider carefully before changing the game.

How to do real racing 3 crash
This situation is generally a problem with the "Real Racing 3" data package. When the game containing the data package is updated, the data package also needs to be updated. If you only update a separate application without downloading the update data package, the game will of course not run. Yes, you need to download the version with the data package and update the data package at the same time. In addition, when the player deletes the game, the system will automatically delete the game's archive and data package at the same time, so if you delete the game's application due to an update or accidental deletion, if you want to run the game again, you need to restart the game. Just put the packet.

If the non-packet game is inexplicably black when entering, you can try to change the network state. If you are disconnected from the network, try connecting to the Internet. If you are connected to the Internet, try disconnecting the network. Many times it will work wonders. If that still doesn't work, try to find the game in the Settings-Management app as a last resort and select "Clear Data", this will clear all your Real Racing 3 saves and get the game running again.

Real Racing 3 Xiaobian Evaluation

Real Racing 3 is a very satisfying game to play. On the mobile phone, it is the first time that I have played such a high-quality racing game with such a good realistic effect. It is because the picture quality is too strong that the mobile phone is required. The configuration is very high, otherwise it can only be strange to reduce the picture quality. Overall, it is still a masterpiece of racing mobile games that is worth recommending!


  • Real racing 3 official version
  • Real racing 3 official version
  • Real racing 3 official version