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King rongyaoyun game

King rongyaoyun game

  • size: 13.41M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v3.1.1.6
  • type athletic sports
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-15 11:16:00


King rongyaoyun game is a very interesting cloud game independent app. This independent king rongyaoyun app allows us to directly click to play king glory. All the content is the real content of Yuanbao, and you can directly play cloud games online without downloading the huge resources of the game ontology.


Introduction to King rongyaoyun game

This game allows you to click to play the game of King glory.

You can experience cloud Games directly without downloading the game ontology.

No need to update, you can go online directly at any time, so as to avoid the trouble of updating.

Game advantages of King rongyaoyun

After the experience, Xiaobian found that the "King rongyaoyun game" app is a technical service provided by Tencent "Xianyou",

And the "peace elite cloud game" is very fast in loading speed. It does not need to be updated for a long time like the mobile game version, which is convenient for players to get started quickly.

In addition, the network quality will be displayed on the game interface and help players switch the network in real time to avoid affecting the game experience of players.


Features of the king's glory play

Feature 1: 5v5! Yueta strong kill! Holy shit(dota), legendary(lol)!

5v5 classic map, three-way push tower, presents the most authentic battle experience. Hero strategy collocation, build the strongest lineup, tacit cooperation limit 666!

Feature 2: open the group at any time! Enjoy it in 10 minutes!

MoBa game is the most suitable for mobile phones, and you can enjoy the competitive experience in 10 minutes. Fight wild and circuitous, hand brain cooperation, and fight to the end! There are many people, come quickly!

Feature 3: fair competition! It's fun and not hard to fight!

Rely on strength to carry the whole game, and rely on technology to decide the outcome. Do not cultivate, do not set physical strength, but also your initial fun of the game!

Feature 4: Super God at fingertips! Coquettish walk show operation!

Micro operation changes the battle situation! Hand speed flow? Stream of consciousness? Look at my coquettish move, force the crowd, and hit the diamond operation! Harvest and kill the super God!

Feature 5: black mobile! Cross server matching is doing!

Palm sports, open black at any time, have a good time! Hundreds of millions of players match at the same time, and the cross regional actual battle is hearty, competing for the throne!


Updated content of the latest version of King glory

2021 blockbuster version "Breaking Dawn" launched!

At dawn, all things are born and Chang'an is opened.

[version update content]

1. The S22 season starts: the first chapter of the Chang'an race year - the victory of Shangyuan is officially coming!

2. New hero - sikongzhen (about to go online): thunderous, dominate the whole audience!

3. Canyon play - original arrival: tyrant dominates evolution, opposes path transmission, ends the upgrade of reward mechanism, and the equipment evolution mechanism appears in the canyon in an all-round way.

4. New Canyon new interface: interpret the new UI interface and King canyon with Chinese aesthetics.

5. New experience - extreme image quality and ultra-high frame rate (gradually opening): for some models, extreme image quality mode and ultra-high frame rate mode are opened respectively.

6. Adjustment of game experience: 1) inscription function; 2) Ranking process; 3) Internal experience; 4) Intra Bureau communication, etc.

7. New skin online: 1) Qi Mingshi Yu Ji; 2) Cloud puppet show - yuan song; 3) King of chivalry - Arthur; 4) Wanhua Yuanye - Di Renjie.


Wang rongyaoyun gamer comments

King rongyaoyun game is a game that allows you to experience all kinds of King duels. This game can give you a very rich game experience. We can directly start playing this game without downloading game resources.


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