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Wild racing, extreme off-road

Wild racing, extreme off-road

  • size: 32.80M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.3a
  • type athletic sports
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-15 16:36:45


Wild racing, extreme off road is a high-quality mobile racing game launched by Gameloft. This game is an off-road game with super many off-road vehicles. Players will choose what they like to start racing challenges here, and there are many interesting online games. Players who like mobile racing games must come to experience this fun game!

Wild racing, extreme off-road

Introduction to wild racing extreme cross country game

"Extreme cross country racing" broke the shackles of previous works, created a new way of racing, and made a comprehensive innovation to the game as a whole, but... The unfriendly operation to novices, the poor network matching system and the cumbersome cultivation system of racing will make players give up this game soon after playing. If you are a fan of the wild racing series, you must not miss this game. If you are a novice, Don't think so much. It's good to treat him as an ordinary racing game from time to time.

Wild racing extreme cross country game features

Around the world!

Beat your friends in asynchronous competition!

Discover a lot of hidden shortcuts to help you ride the race completely.

Control multiple modes!

Since the early series of wild racing, the police car chase mode has returned for the first time!

Challenge your opponents in 8 different game modes, including goalpost drift race, impact race and so on!

In some of the most beautiful places on earth, amazing images are used to reconstruct points everywhere. From Brazil to China, the whole world is for you to explore!

Wild racing, extreme off-road, previous highlights

The new version of this game requires recharging in many places to play, or is it because Vivendi bought Gameloft? Such a good game has become a money fraud game.

The old version in 2016 didn't have so much krypton gold. Players can get a very good game experience and race to get gold coins to unlock the vehicle.

Unlike the new version, there are many advertisements, which can definitely satisfy all the partners. It still has a very good experience.

Wild racing extreme cross-country game advantages

This time, the racing field is in the wild

The performance of "wild racing 8" on the screen can be said to have reached the extreme performance of mobile games. This work and "wild racing 8" are "brothers", so GL can't treat each other favorably on the screen when making it. It also uses a 3D engine to present players with extremely high-definition cross-country challenges. The venue of "wild racing 8" is paved roads in various cities, and the name of "wild racing: extreme cross-country" can predict that this time the venue is on wild mountain roads.

There are four operation modes, and one is always suitable for you

The game is part of "wild racing 8" on the screen, and there are also similarities between the two in operation. It also adopts four operation modes, and players can freely choose their favorite operation methods. Xiaobian personally recommends gravity sensing operation, which will bring players the most real driving experience. Of course, gravity sensing also has shortcomings, that is, the steering control is not accurate and fast enough. If you are keen on the game, you can consider the operation method of "click steering". It is said that the world race masters in wild racing 8 use click steering, In this way, the driving route of vehicles can be controlled to the greatest extent during the race. No matter which operation mode is most suitable for you, the best one is GL. The reason why GL has prepared so many operation methods is to make every player experience the driving fun you want as much as possible. Here I have to praise that the big game manufacturers do have an extraordinary bearing.

There is no need to worry about the obvious number of car grades

I believe many players are very concerned about how many cars there are in "wild racing: extreme cross country". Indeed, Xiaobian is also more concerned about this. At present, it seems that there are only 35 cars, and the grades are also distinguished by D, C, B, a and s, which is completely consistent with the grading method of "wild racing 8". Maybe you will think that there are too few vehicles. It's really not too much. The average number of vehicles in each level is 7. However, Xiaobian thinks that you don't need to worry about this at all. According to the urination of GL, there will definitely be more new vehicles behind, "wild racing 8" is not that way. Now it has been updated to more than 160 vehicles.

Comments on wild racing and extreme off-road editing

The game of wild racing and extreme cross-country is still very good to play. It is really the memory of many people for mobile racing games. It has ultra-high definition pictures and super exciting racing gameplay. My favorite friends want to experience it as soon as they board, which is particularly refreshing!


  • Wild racing, extreme off-road
  • Wild racing, extreme off-road