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Tinder's Midnight Harem 2

Tinder's Midnight Harem 2

  • size: 47.05MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: V1.1
  • type Venture through
  • language: Simplified Chinese
  • time: 2021-04-01 09:59:05


Matchmaker's Midnight harem 2" is a matchmaker theme breakout game, the game has a lot of clues given by the system can help players wisdom to break through, more props can be used, feel the fun of solving puzzles, interested players quickly to 55 hands to download it for free!

Matchmaker's Midnight Harem 2 game features

1, choose different game difficulty, no matter how the route, witty and simple wind, start a unique escape experience.

2, control the character to start an exciting escape journey, players can view the map, the game's characters are all matchmaker.

3, sometimes, the game is also quite scary and gory, or in the control room as your security, simple matchmaker image of.

Tinder's Midnight Harem 2 handicap highlights

1, through the control of the left virtual joystick to move the character, the design of the screen and the overall style of painting are very clever.

2, the difference is that this time the enemy has a different shape, need to find a way out of this dangerous place.

3, the picture also has a colorful, music is a bit scary, you all need to look for the terrible matchmaker in the control room.

4, into the game, all kinds of props have a unique role, easy game experience its waiting for players to feel

Matchmaker's midnight harem 2 handicap review

1, simple cartoon graphics, such as invisible clothes, watermelon rind, etc., but also has a funny humor of the wonderful fun.

2, the player needs to play the role of matchmaker, the game has a huge map, all can help you oh.

3, the game choose the right route, you must spend every night safely. Start your own escape challenge.

4, different routes have different dangers, this time with more changes, a variety of props can be used.


  • Tinder's Midnight Harem 2
  • Tinder's Midnight Harem 2
  • Tinder's Midnight Harem 2
  • Tinder's Midnight Harem 2