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Grandma Nun of Horror

Grandma Nun of Horror

  • size: 76.06MB
  • platform: Android
  • Version: V1
  • type Venture through
  • language: Simplified Chinese
  • time: 2021-04-06 15:00:20


Grandma nun of horror" is a horror game for Android. Players can participate in more special forms of adventure, enjoy the best operation effect of the upgrade, the atmosphere of horror are incomparable fun, interested players to click to download it!

Horror nun grandmother hand game features

1, the collection of clues, players need to avoid the ghost nun chase, more special forms of management.

2, at the same time there are new adventure programs waiting for players to unlock. The escape route brings the most accurate information.

3, the dark world to the player within the extremely clear exploration play, which the difficulty will also be with the high increase.

Horror nun grandmother game highlights

1、Comprehensive operation method

This is a closed world, the game clues collection have to be the best reasonable match.

2、Unique puzzle solving gameplay

More can bring their own special puzzle atmosphere, bring the challenge of fun will also be quite exciting

3、The difficulty factor is high

The player's own puzzle solving ability to complete the effect of the puzzle, different stages of the adventure for players feel different

4、A large amount of scenes content

Unlock different areas of the puzzle clues, you want to escape, you need to solve the complex organs and puzzles

Granny nun of terror game review

1, many comprehensive exploration for players will be more novel, different areas of the exploration is to bring a comprehensive sublimation of the operation.

2, collect enough clues to escape from the study is also very helpful, the game within the closed exploration for the player will be extraordinarily bloodthirsty.

3, the form of free exploration to enhance the player will have the best adventure effect of the upgrade, the player brings a different operation effect.

4, to bring a comprehensive challenge opportunities, more chase adventure effect, but also to bring the most special nature of the player's strategic adventure.


  • Grandma Nun of Horror
  • Grandma Nun of Horror
  • Grandma Nun of Horror
  • Grandma Nun of Horror