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Jedi War Zone

Jedi War Zone

  • size: 70.87M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.0.3
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-28 12:13:38


Jedi War Zone is a very fun mobile chicken game, this chicken game, the style of painting is more towards the cartoon animation style, so you can make your chicken experience less tense, but more relaxed and enjoyable, at any time and anywhere can come to a Jedi War Zone enjoyable chicken experience Oh.

Introduction of Jedi War Zone

The most classic chicken game mode is used to give you the original taste of chicken game.

Weapons and props are very much available, so your battle process can also be more rich.

Cartoon painting style is more casual, come to download and experience cartoon chicken.

Jedi war zone game features

Become an elite special forces soldier, now about to open their own battle journey.

You need to pick up the weapons in your hands and run to the dangerous battlefield to meet the heavy challenges.

There are many enemies there, use the weapons in your hands to destroy them all.

Each time you kill the enemy, the player will control the character will be upgraded, after upgrading, the character's attack mode will be changed.

A lot of weapons for you to get, each kind of weapon shooting feel is different

The game's battle is very intense, the battle rhythm is super fast, a few minutes to decide the winner!

Jedi war zone gameplay strategy

Every newcomer to the game must have the first thing they want to do, but in fact, will enter the game ready to start, you should be familiar with the entire game environment, have a general understanding of the game, and then clear how you can quickly upgrade.

The first, save diamonds, seven-day gift package will give you a custom weapon unlocked save diamonds is the purpose of upgrading custom weapons, recommended for newcomers with points: precision 76, bullets 50, shooting speed 136, other all add firepower. The seven-day package will allow you to upgrade your weapon to A.

The second: do not use diamonds (or gold) to buy skin and armor, because the seven days sent in pieces can be used.

The third: that is, the key, find the best key for their own, not necessarily the second finger is the weakest.

The fourth: save gold to wash armor (according to your gun preferences to choose what attributes of armor to wash out)

The fifth: sniper rifle sniper do not have to do custom (a waste of money) is not as good as in the store to buy a SVD to the fragrance. (Newcomers will not play sniper do not buy)

Sixth: three fingers ...... amount forget it, the new will not three fingers, but I would say to practice three fingers must be early practice, or wait until you are familiar with the second finger when you want to practice three fingers is much more difficult.

Seventh: newcomers to choose to grab do not choose some look good but feel poor gun, to choose a good feel to help their strength.

Jedi war zone review

Jedi war zone let us into the world of Jedi war zone, challenge all kinds of masters, feel the casual style of cartoon chicken, in order to get more weapons props. Improve your shooting ability, in order to better in this game to win.


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