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Pixel shooter international service 10.3.1 installer

Pixel shooter international service 10.3.1 installer

  • size: 185.90M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v10.3.1
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-31 15:12:50


Pixel Shooter International is a very fun pixel world shooting game, this game allows you to show your shooting ability in the pixel world, and experience the charm of shooting with international players. The game can be installed directly by downloading the installer.


Pixel Shooter International 10.3.1 Installer Introduction

Downloading the installer will directly allow you to install Pixel Shooter International 10.3.1 in full.

Many activities have been opened, come join us and get more international service gift packs.

Pixel world is more casual and relaxing, come and complete our mission of pixel shooting.


Features of Pixel Shooter International

★ Global network, online real-time multi-player battles

Multiple matchmaking servers are available worldwide, and a single room supports up to 16 players.

You can play online with your friends to double the fun.

★ PVP Multiple game modes, the winner is the king

Point fight mode, team competition mode, individual competition mode, peace mode, ghost mode, hide and seek mode, and battle royale chicken mode ......

Rich game modes, different game experience, destroy enemies and become an ace player!

Participate in seasonal ranking matches and win the global first place!

★ PVE Story Mode-Jailbreak Escape, Biochemical Challenge Mode-War Against Zombies

Story Mode: A classic mini handheld game with prison as the theme, combining island survival, desert survival and jungle adventure, waiting for you to challenge!

Biochemical challenge mode: single player survival, multiplayer collaborative survival, guard all zombie attacks, complete the challenge and get a generous prop reward!


Pixel shooting international service 2021 latest redemption code

2021 redemption code summary introduction.

VQCD67 can be redeemed for 20,000 gold coins

9U8LZX can be redeemed for 10,000 gold coins

75UMG4 can be exchanged for 20,000 gold coins

Pixel shooting international service latest activity content
Happy Easter

1. The fifth Easter creation contest is grandly opened, the colorful and gorgeous pixel world is waiting for you to open!

2. Use the holiday currency to exchange or open the holiday treasure box, win exclusive event props: nerdy chick submachine gun, the crystal sniper rifle of the angry sea, M24 grenades, combat chicken armor set, the wind combat chicken aircraft, small flower pot armor inlay card and limited avatar frame!

3. holiday special weapons - annihilator: complete the specified task free! Matching out-of-print skin "Sakura" contains special skin attributes "precision shooting"!

Other content]

1. Creative workshop new audit function, now you need to pass the audit of the work you share before entering the sharing list.

2. SCARH new spring version attributes adjustment: increased firepower, reduced the effective range.

3. Fixed the error of the pass weapon: Elemental Secret Code in weapon trial mode.


Pixel shooting international service submachine gun configuration strategy

Newbie --- submachine gun configuration

In the game there are many kinds of weapons [nonsense] Among them, the main weapon as long as there are two --- submachine guns and rifles Although they are automatic firearms [nonsense × 2] but the characteristics are very different The next small [imitation marketing number] take you to understand the configuration of submachine guns it

① Absolute technical flow - one shot with technology, no technology ten shots a

This submachine gun specializes in head injury, the use of submachine guns burst head to produce seven times the damage characteristics, 27 damage is just right Upgrade is recommended to add only bullets and speed of movement

② comprehensive performance stream - comprehensive performance is good, long-range melee can be upgraded to S7 level plus a S company can do most of the two guns a recommended upgrade only add damage

③ long-range stream - strong long-range performance, high precision

Not add range because that thing has P with, add it is better to add attack power upgrade to S7 plus two remote can do two shots a [most] [except for very long distance]

④ absolute second wound stream - melee damage is very high very high rate of fire plus very high attack power, plus a A even can two shots [the same old S7] of course, the disadvantage is less bullets, hitting the wrong side is gone

⑤ being scolded by teammates stream

With this spray to play ranking, your teammates do not scold you to find me

Note: The above configurations are in a certain armor bonus, newcomers may not be enough gun sense, it is not recommended that the very high technology flow and absolute second injury flow they require high technical requirements, newcomers with may not kill a few people.


Pixel shooting international service weapon recommendation book

【Melee combat】

Mall series.

Bullet. Spring. Knife

Gingerbread Knife

Candy cane

M9 Bayonet


Martial. Soldier . Knife

Biting Rabbit

Magic Broom

Thor's Hammer

Pass series.

Toy sand shovel

Toy Shark

Magic Flame

Savage Scythe

Piglet Hammer

Cancer-Ao King

Season Series.

Sword of Victory

Sword of Angel

Blade of Shura

Sword of the Future

Tearing the Sky

Sword of Black Gold Malai

Sword of the Oracle

Swift Wind

Dark Night Phantom Cry

Event Series.

Tesla Storm Longsword

Cyberpunk Two-Handed Sword

Candy Sledgehammer

Bree's Snacks


Mall Series.


Sand. Desert. The. Eagle




Golden Twin Gun

Easter Pistol

Legion Series.

Glory Pistol P2

Glory Pistol P4

Glory Pistol P5

Event Series.

Candy Pistol

Lucky Seven Pistol

Carnival Prologue

Pass series.



Mall Series.






Starburst SG

Detention Spirit

Event Series.

Redeemer SG

[Machine Gun

Mall Series.


Bren Machine Gun

Tyrant (Monarch)



Starburst ML

Triple Machine Gun

Mustang Cobra

M134 Carrot

Pass Series.

Shark Machine Gun

Magic Knight


Savage Machine Gun

Event Series.

Lucky Messenger

Candy Machine Gun M17

M134 Christmas Edition 17

Christmas Machine Gun 18

Champion Rabbit

Ice Cream Machine Gun


Mall Series.




G36K A1


Carbine M1



Broken City


Carbine M1 Blue Storm



Candy Rifle

Red Devil

Pass series.

Toy gun-Wind wave

Toy gun-Cool Fish

Pumpkin Rider



Brutal Rifle A

Brute Rifle S

Pathfinder AR

Unicorn Rifle


Leo-Beast King

Season Series.

Gun of Victory

Angel Strike

M4 Black Gold

Eye of Heaven Sanction

Event Series.

AK.47 Christmas Edition 17

M4 Christmas Edition 17

AUG Christmas Edition 17

G36K Gingerbread Edition

AUG Gingerbread Edition

Lucky Spreader

Dance of Ice and Snow

auspicious clouds

SCAR-H Chinese New Year Edition

Hero Rifle

Heart of the Moony Rabbit

Sakura's Breath

Crimson Cherry



Cyberpunk Christmas Rifle

Redeemer AR

Mechanical Radish

Plasma Rifle

Disillusioned Stellar


Bull's Breath

[Submachine Gun

Mall Series.





Breakout Zero



For Your Love


Tesla P1

Christmas Submachine Gun


Shadow Chaser


Blue Phantom

MP7 Chinese New Year Edition

Orange Storm


Twin Star

Starburst SM

Pass Series.



Event Series.

Lucky Pixie

UZI Gingerbread Edition

Christmas Submachine Gun 17

Tesla-Storm P17

Dazzling E9

Dual-wielding UZI


Carnival Party

Nut Laser Rifle

[Sniper Rifle

Mall Series.




Hope Star

Ghost (pick up spirit)

Rabbit Archer

Son of the Red Dragon

Spirit of the Fire Dragon

Golden Ba. Ray. Special

Legion Series.




Pass Series.

Toy Gun-Tsunami


Pathfinder SR


Event Series.

Christmas Sniper Rifle

Lucky Guardian

Eagle Eye


A.W.P Pink Ribbon

SVD Chinese New Year Edition

Christmas Sniper Rifle 2019

auspicious star

Swimming Dragon

Summer Guardian

[Special Weapon

Mall series.


Electromagnetic Cannon GX6

Pass Series.

Fire Bat Blaze

Season Series.

Crossbow of Shura

Gun of the Future

Crossbow of the Oracle


Event Series.

Laser R7


Cyberpunk Laser Twin Gun

[Throwing Objects

Mall Series.


Gingerbread Bomb


Milk Bomb

Baby Bunny Bomb

Juice Bomb

Honour Firecrackers

Pass series.

Mermaid grenade

Pumpkin Grenade

Bat Grenade

Explosive Shadow

Savage Grenade

Pathfinder Bomb

Popcorn Bomb

Aquarius-Tidal Wave

Season Series.

Victory Grenade

Colorful Grenade

Black Gold Grenade

Oracle Grenade


Desert Storm

Event Series.


Tesla Thunderstorm

Moe Egg Chick

Owl Bombs

Ice Cream Bombs

Hello Cow


Mall Series.


Mini Hand Cannon

Pass Series.

Happy Solitaire

Event Series:

Mechanical Fat Rabbit

Inquisitor's Strike

Exploding Planet

Pixel Shooter International 10.3.1 Installer Review

Pixel Shooter International 10.3.1 Installer is a very useful installer, download it and click on it to install it automatically, then you can click on it to start our survival shooting in the pixel world.


  • Pixel shooter international service 10.3.1 installer
  • Pixel shooter international service 10.3.1 installer
  • Pixel shooter international service 10.3.1 installer