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SICO Online Edition

SICO Online Edition

  • size: 152.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 12:00:12


SICO online version is a gun battle game that allows players to have a superb combat experience, where they can feel the most bloodthirsty combat adventure, find a way to become the king of the battlefield here, I provide the latest version, has joined the online elements, many classic shooting game play is able to feel in the online mode Oh!


SICO game features:

1、Choose different types of weapons, according to their own weapons allocation, tactically brilliant performance to defeat all opponents.

2, 3D scenes to bring more stunning experience, and enjoy the immersive game process full of passion and excitement of the gun battle competition process.

3、Gather your soldiers and start fighting in this modern battlefield, use modern weapons to arm yourself.

SICO game introduction:

1, unlock your modern weapons, all kinds of modern weapons can be collected in different places Oh.

2、After the opening of the hot and exciting battlefield players can advance and find the enemy, remote to give the enemy a fatal blow.

3, the new 3D competitive battlefield and you come, take the guns you are a warrior, start to carry out the task.

SICO game content.

1、Become more powerful in the continuous fierce battle, exciting adventure challenges bring endless surprises, try to kill all the enemies.

2、Team members must obey orders to be able to win faster and safer, and adapt to the battle in various environments.

3, some special equipment can help fighters in the battlefield to better survive, the reasonable use of help you smoothly over the level.


SICO Online version advantages.

The new online gameplay makes this game even more fun, so you can start a gun battle adventure with your buddies here.

The online mode includes team competition, demolition, capture the flag, occupy the point, and everyone's favorite battle royale game, which is absolutely satisfying.

In addition to online battles, you can also start an adventure here with your buddies in LAN!

SICO Editorial Reviews:

SICO online version of this game play with two words to describe, is exciting, really cool ah, shooting feel is very good, and there is a superb sense of combat, a variety of weapons are now directly able to use, which is superb, can definitely make all the players feel satisfied Oh!

This game is not yet online, so stay tuned!


  • SICO Online Edition
  • SICO Online Edition